“Why not? Their weavers, or conjurers, were always after our weaving secrets.” the old man festive robes replied. A single autumnly leaf floated through Ferlons field of vision, vanishing in the dusk. “If I may speak to the summit?” he leaped forward. “Perhaps one single person, or small group, should be dispatched to assess the situation?” the elders stared at him in wide amazement, the elder in the festive robes pointed at Ferlon all of a sudden. “This is why I wanted younger ones at the summits!” he turned to his fellow elders. “We can sit here and pragmatically discuss this for weeks on end, but the curiosity and energy of younger ones make the wiser decisions sometimes!” He turned back to Ferlon. “Go, find someone to aid you, and then depart!” Ferlon attempted to speak up, but he saw determination in the elders eyes. He was well aware that Ferlon was a monk of the sanctum, a pupil Danariens. But at the same time a weaver, through countless meditations well acquainted with the ether. “I shall do so.” he said with a thin voice. “Fair day!” “Fair day.” the elder smiled friendly. Jelendor interrupted feeding his animal friends as he heard the chimes, he had hung at the entrance to his families gardens, ring. “You are in luck.” he opened tbe gate, his instincts had told him that Ferlon would be at the door. “The guys I had in mind for you still need to be fed, come and acquaint yourself with them!” reluctantly Ferlon followed his host into the gardens. The two men passed by three Phoenix’, they sat underneath a bush and clucked, one of them was the new arrival. “You aren’t attending the festivities?” Ferlon tried to step only where Jelendor had stepped, in an effort to avoid stepping into feces.”I am not.” Jelendor led his guest to a stable, fruit where piled up in front of it, most were common and grew in the garden of his, but some he had bought at the market. Smirking triumphantly Jelendor opened the door and let Ferlon step inside. “By all spirits!” gasping in surprise Ferlon stumbled backwards. “Griffins?” he turned a face filled with shock to Jelendor, who nodded, still bearing the triumphant smirk. Only in passing had Ferlon heard of Griffins, powerful creatures, just as mythical as the Phoenix. “They can carry a fully grown man, with some additional luggage, but it takes a long time to master the art of riding them.” he looked Ferlon up and down. “But I guess we do not have that time?” just nodding Ferlon confirmed that suspicion. Judgingly Jelendor looked around, studying the four creatures that sat in their alcoves looking at the stranger with curious interest. “He would fit you, he follows any lead, but I would have to accompany you on another.” Jelendor pointed at the Griffin that was closest to Ferlon. “You mean to tell me that I would have to ascend to the skies on the back of a Griffin?” Ferlon backed away until he bumped against the stable wall. “I mean to.” Jelendors smirk intensified, but weakened immediately as he turned to the Griffins again. “And I have to join you. lead the way.” his look fell out of the stable window, the Phoenix that had arrived still sat amongst the others and happily acquainted himself with them. “He has to show us the way.” Ferlon looked at the mythical bird, a shadow of doubt crossed his face. Even though he knew the Phoenix to be able to guide them, it did not seem as if the bird wanted to return. Like a rooster in a flock of hens the new arrival sat and seemed to be happy to be where he was. Jelendor excused himself for a moment and walked up to the ethereal birds, he kneed down to the one he and Ferlon needed as a guide. Ferlon did not hear what the beast-master said but could gather that he spoke to the animal as if it was a normal person. Ferlon barely dared to take a look, Jelendor had taken the two Griffin to the tallest tree in his garden. Their four cat like paws allowed them to climb it with ease. On the ground he had mounted a saddle on each of them. Oddly to Ferlon only the Phoenix appeared in the branches of the tree to guide them. Barely looking any further than the edge of his saddle Ferlon held on tightly to a handle on the saddle. Although Jelendor had given him basic instructions Ferlon was insecure, so Jelendor had given him the beginners saddle. “Ready?” the tall man turned to Ferlon. “No.” with a smile Jelendor nodded to the Phoenix, immediately the bird took off, Jelendors griffin leapped majestically after it, followed by Ferlons griffin.