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Athena, Otto & Teddy (Bedtimestory)

Once upon a stormy night Athena, the little owl, wanted to go to town, so the little boy could cuddle with her and fall asleep while she watched over his sleep, preying on bad dreams.

But the storm blew her away!

When she perched upon a root to rest and get her bearings, she heard a Frog’s croak.
“Hello?” she hooted.
“Hello there!” a tiny frog hopped into sight. His name was Otto Ferdinand von Hinkelbein, a noble little frog. “You seem lost.” he tilted his head.
“I am!” Athena raised her wings in dispair. “I need to get to town, the little oy needs me! Without me watching over his sleep, and without cuddling me, he can’t sleep well.” she hung her head, a tear of dispair dropped from her beak after running from her eye.
“I can show you the way to town.” Otto Ferdinand croaked with a broad smile. “If you take me to the boy with you, he might need my help too in a storm like this!”
For a moment Athan pondered, and nodded, smiling too.

So Otto Ferdinand hopped on, Athena hopped behind him, flying only small distances to look around, maybe she’d recognize the way? But Otto had to lead her all the way to the town.
On the edge of town they met Teddy, the little old bear that once was the cuddle toy of the little boy’s father. He had waited for Athena, but when she failed to show up he went to look for her. Happy to finally having found her he led Otto Ferdinand and Athena to the little boy.

There the three climbed the crib and were greeted with open, and tired arms. Pressing the three against his chest, sleep finally found the little boy.


Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 03)

His path led Ferlon away from the hills and mountains into a lower terrain. Overgrown ruins seamed the path. The former temple town, abandoned for aeons. No one dared to stray from the path in the ruins, it was said that the spirits and ghosts of the ancestors still roamed the town. But Ferlon could not avoid walking by the ruins of a great temple of the cardinal points. The temple of the cardinal points in the town he was headed to, always fascinated him, but curiosity for the ancient temple drove him to disregard the rumors and myths. Reassuring himself Ferlon looked to the far ends of the path as far as he could see it, before he left the path and made his way to the old temple. After a few steps he sensed the presence of the ancestors, just as the rumors and myths predicted. “I should haste.” he sighed, turning around, retraced his steps to the path and continued on his way to the town, longingly glancing to the old temple that still was largely intact, risen above the other structures in the deeply saturated green of the forest around. While wandering off he turned a few times to look back at the graceful building with the four elongated balkonies that stretched to the sides from the spire with the dome on top. On the other side of the road there was a building that seemed to have tried to match the temples durability. A shrine that was devoted to the spirits of the forest. Still pale light was emitting from the pond in its center, even though parts of the walls had collapsed and the roof had caved in. Ferlon was under the impression that some of the spirits were floating by the starlightwell, momentarily made visible, before vanishing into their ethereal invisibility again.

Quickly he hasted on as the vague shape of an ancestral spirit appeared in the shining pit. A partly overgrown sign told of a fishers village down a fork in the road, as well as some caves that housed the shrine for the earthen spirits. Ferlon regretted his need for haste, it had been long since he had visited the shrine.

The caverns were dangerous, as a tribe of the serpent women of the seas had made it their land based home. Although he had seen that the fisher village nearby was out of danger, any trespasser of the cave were not.

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 02)

All around the lake was dense forest, only a row a stones allowed for dry passage to the island that rested at the center of the lake. There was only one large building on it, but several open structures, rows and rows of blooming flowers and bushes shrouded the island with a cloud of sweet smell. “The sanctuary lies in autumn.” the man stated as he approached a woman. She had white blind eyes but seemed to see perfectly. “As I feared.” she turned away from him and pointed at a cushioned bench unterneath an open structure that supported a roof. “Did the flame reveal anything, Ferlon?” the man sat down next to her. “The waters at sea will be calm, no harm will ascend from the waves any more.”

Danarien nodded gently, her blind gaze in the distance. “They are not dead I assume?”

“Not all of them.” Ferlon replied, although not blind also staring blank into the distance. “But the gate and sanctum lie in autumn. The leaves seemed like fire, I sense no good of this.” Danarien agreeingly nodded, she turned her head facing across the lake. “The season of the butterfly is close. You should haste to the temple.” a little confused Ferlon turned his head in the same direction. “I shall do so.” he felt Danariens hand on his arm as he attempted to leave. “Time is of the essence.” there was a sense of urgency in her voice and expression. “Understood. Fair day, Danarien.”

Again Ferlon crossed the lake over the stone pillars that were sunk in the deep lake, a glance over his shoulder revealed the island to be shrouded again in a haze of yellow-pink mist. Danarien usually laid that haze over the entire lake to meditate in peace

Good News! “PUBER” has been arrested!

Finally after months and months with his “graffity” showing up everywhere in town, he has been arrested yesterday!


I’m still convinced that the 30year old has missed PUBERty (oder auch “PUBERtät” für uns Deutschsprachige hier) and thusly he sprays that everywhere.


Now let that disrgace to every honest sprayer, every graffity artist who ever lived rot in his cell. Or better yet, clean up his shitty tags and repay the damages he has caused. Gladly, he not only did that spray thing, but also had forged papers in his possession.
So a longer sentence can be expected.

Take care,

Athena & Teddy (Bedtimestory)

One night, Athena the Owl flew from the her forest home down to the town where the little boy lives. She knows he can’t sleep without her there to cuddle and watch over him.

But there was a dense fog covering the forest and streets of the town, so she got lost!

Until she came to a crossroads following the lights on the street. She took a turn left after perching on a streetlight for a moment. But that road came to a dead end. and that is not where the boy lives. So she turned back and took the way straight from where she had originally come.

After some time she realized she had come to town square. That wasn’t where the boy lives either. So, after flying back, she used the las road in the crossroads and came to the house where the little boy lives. An old small bear sat at the door. “Why are you out here little bear?” Athena asked.
“I’m Teddy and I used to come here, but the boy I came to visit, cuddle and watch over has all grown up now. He has a baby now.” his sad voice was made sadder by his frown.
“I come here for that baby to cuddle me and to watch over him!” Athena exclaimed! “Come with me, and we can both attend the little boy, I’m sure if his father sees you, he will be glad too.”

So the little owl and the little old bear went inside to the bed of the little boy. Quickly Athena climbed into the bed and cuddled against the small boy, who embraced her eagerly. With a tired, but still curious and loving gaze he reached for Teddy, who too got to cuddle with him.

Sleep tight you folks.


Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 01)

Slowly the leaves of the trees were falling, high above the colorful baldachin winds drove into the trees shaking loose the colorful leaves. Almost like colorful snowflakes they rained from the heavens all around the lone gate of stone. Symbols and markings had been carved into the rock that formed the gate. The gate itself stood in a depression fenced off by a circular, entirely undecorated wall with two circular openings on opposing sides of the gate. A man in festive robes stood inside the gate, his eyes were closed, arms stretched to side as to thank for a blessing.

With rustling noise the wind drove a cloud of colorful leaves towards the sanctum, but they flew around the round wall.

Ever so slowly did the man open his eyes. Saddened he turned around and slowly walked out of the sanctum, the circular openings suddenly filled with the same rock as the walls around them, leaving only bright red bricks as an indication of their existence. Walking in silence the man ascended a hill above the sanctum, reassuring himself he turned over his should looking at the gate.

A tiny green flame in a small hole of the gates frame danced unremittingly. For a moment it flickered into a blue color and an odd shape before returning to its green normal state.

Update 04.03.2014

Soooo, I added the index for Circle Journal 4 – Growth.

You can find it here.

Athena and Teddy have a second Adventure comming up next week Friday, so they have two, already the links are online in the Index, but lead to dead ends for now.

Just be patient for the 7th and the 14th of March. 😉

Take care