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Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 16)

“I am Warlin, and I can help you.” the cityguard introduced himself as they moved through a narrow corridor again, the opening behind them closed after the group had wandered a few meters. “The temple is heavily guarded. There are dozens of guards everywhere.”

“Are you trying to help us or discourage us?” Jelendor glanced over his shoulder to their latest addition to the group. “Is the temple guarded from beneath?” Ferlon kept walking, he had not noticed that Farlynna was still holding his hand.

“I don’t know whether the temple has a basement! But even if so, it surely is guarded.” Warlin stated with a long sigh. Following the strangers was probably not the smartest of his decisions.

But glancing back at the closing tunnel behind him he figured that he was left with no other choice than to continue. “We’ll tunnel out directly into the room that Seerlon resides in. We will keep the guards at bay, Ferlon will take care of him.” Jelendor summed up the plan for Warlin. A confident and reassuring smile on her lips Farlynna turned around nodding.

“We will be there in a few moments, we have to go straight up then.” purring into Ferlons ear she slightly squeezed his hand, once again blushing.

A blinding flash filled the room after just a heartbeat earlier an opening had formed in the ground. Quickly Jelendor and Warlin climbed out of the hole, followed by Farlynna who had created the flash, and Ferlon.

Four blinded guards were stumbling around the room. Warlin and Jelendor leaped to them and overpowered them with ease. Meanwhile Farlynna and Ferlon inspected the room they had broken into.

It was neither the great hall nor Seerlons quarters, but a basement, light flooded, but a mere basement. “That way!” Farlynna pointed out one of the two doors a stairwell was visible beyond a long corridor. Immediately Jelendor and Warlin junped to the door, into the corridor. The doors to the adjacent rooms were closed, but both assumed that they were either not locked at all or locked from the inside, allowing the guards inside to surprise them. Never the less the group moved forward.

After a few meters the doors around them were flung open, as the two men had anticipated. From one of the guards Jelendor had nicked a set of throwing-knives, put them to good use with the attackers. It hurt all of them that they had to use potentially lethal force, when all they wanted to do is overpower Seerlon to end the madness that gad befallen the city of Jath’moihm.

Ferlon raised a wall of stone around them, letting pass only attacks that the group made. After a few moments more guards came rushing down the stairs, stalling the further advance into the temple.

Suddenly thevwall around the group fell apart, but the ground beneath the incoming guards began to shake and rumble, the tremors were even felt by all members of the group around Ferlon.

Few moments later the guards were lying subdued on the ground, as the tremors subsided. “Your weavery is extraordinary.” Warlin leaned on the wall next to Ferlon.

“It’s normal where I come from.”


Originally I wantednto write about TTIP and how much I hate the entire idea, and concept. But I have to admit that my knowledge of the entire deal is limited (as everyone else’s) and I could only rant around.

Instead I want to tell you about a pet peeve I have: SUITS

Yeah suits. It’s a pet peeve bordering on major psychotic hatred. Maybe because I’m biased by all the crap that has been raining down from wall street and its copies worldwide, but I hate people in suits. I see some schmuck in a suit, and I immediately assume he’s a liar, a thief, a crook who’d sell his grandmanfor the right prize (or businesses deal), a dishonest man who should not be allowed to breed (if he has the time, if his wife has the time, if the kids are even his).
I looked in the mirror at my wedding day and I had to work hard not to see a crook, a thief, a dishonest man. Same thing with all the men who attended the wedding.  I know them! Each and every one! I fracking know that they are honest people, nice, hardworking. 

It’s the god damn suit! It is tailored for empty people with empty lives, money is their only worth, and their only measurement of things, and people, and time.
Empty, meaningless exisences, who steal, lie, trick and maybe even kill to get some extra cash.

And it is such meaningless existences who are the cause for the problems in last week’s post, and who are the problem in TTIP.
Feed them chlorine washed chicken, raised on GMO corn, given to drink only that water oozing out of the ground near fracking sites, give them the minimum wage and let them try to live on an island deprived of any bees (and subspecies of bees).
Let’s see how long the empty suits can survive under these conditions…

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 15)

Ferlon cursed silently, from his hiding spot he couldn’t see to the man, couldn’t do his weavery. Slowly the man advanced farther into the cellar. “Listen,” he had lowered his voice, in the room above noise level had also dropped. “they are here to find you!” as if to check Ferlon looked up, but other than the sudden darkness after Farlynna had ended her lights he couldn’t see much in the barely noticeable glow of the mans eyes, Farlynnas were closed, presumably to cover her own glow. Gently Ferlon squeezed her hand, as to say that she shouldn’t worry .

As suddenly as he had shown up the man sought also cover behind a large barrel, steps sounded from the steep stairs, a group of people entered the cellar. A tingling sensation, followed by a feeling of weightlessness went through Farlynnas body, only a heartbeat later a glowing sphere followed by the woman that had created it, leaped to their hiding space.

Disappointed at the emptiness she found she withdrew again.

Farlynna turned to Ferlon, she could see him as if he was behind a thin grey cloth, with his finger at his mouth he told her to remain silent, then he tapped his temple and winked. “There’s no one here.” the woman that had looked in their hideout stemmed her hands on her hips. “We must find the intruders that she called for help.” the group withdrew again, leaving the cellar in darkness. After a few more minutes noise levels in the tavern above returned to their previous intensity. Jelendor and the stranger climbed out of their hideouts, keeping a respectful distance to one another the two looked around the room. “Ferlon?” Jelendor linsed nervously away from the other man to where he knew Ferlon and Farlynna where hidden. “Farlynna?”

The two men slowly approached the spot from two different angles. “High priestess Farlynna!” the stranger also had reduced his voice to mere hissing. Out of thin air the two reappeared, on Farlynnas cheeks lay the hint of a blush as her lights reappeared in the walls around. “I warned you guys.” in the light the stranger revealed to be wearing a city guards uniform.

“How did you find us anyways?” Jelendor had unsheathed his dagger, his arms crossed in front of his chest he had positioned himself between the stranger and the others. “I thought you might take a break at the tavern. Honestly it was just dumb luck!”

After a few minutes of talking the two men noticed that Ferlon and Farlynna had barely moved.

“We,” nervously Ferlon cleared his throat, “we need to get moving again.” other than the nervous undertone there was a great sadness hidden in his voice. With an equally sad and nervous smile Farlynna nodded. Neither of the two had heard a single word that had been uttered in the room.

Easter 2014

The demon chocolates summoned in full force again!

Happy Easter (2014)


Sweet easterly dreams…

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 14)

“Two hundred and more. The oldest Albin I know of had reached the noble age of threehundred and twentytwo.” Farlynna felt her composure fall apart. She had thought that the events that had made her people shortlived were true for all Albin. “And my senses tell me, it has to do with you folks not living in our forests any longer, or at least what befell the forests here had also befallen you.” Ferlon looked around. Jelendor poked him in the ribs with his elbow. “There are more pressing concerns at hand.” “Seerlon.” Farlynna stammered, slowly regaining her composure, shaking off the shocking revelations. “By shattering the crystal he uncovered the orb.” suddenly struck by interest as if it was lightning Ferlon hurled around to the young woman. “The orb? The orb of the undying fire? It is here?” slowly she nodded, again surprised at the amount of knowledge the Albin in front of her had amassed. Releasing an elongated sigh Ferlon sat down on a crate that was next to him. Even before the hostilities with the fungus the orb was considered lost. After the fungus episode in Albin history it was rumored to lie hidden in a then lost and abandoned temple. That it had been in Jath’moihm all the time was unbelievable.”It’s what gives, or at least enhances his powers.” amiss Ferlon stared at an undisclosed point in the room with a blank expression on his face, thoughts ran through his head. The elders at home had to be notified. Danarien had to be informed! But their access to the spire was lost, he doubted that the watchful eyes of Seerlons henchmen would let a Phoenix pass out of town even if they could sneak into the spire. “We’ll have to do it ourselves.” both of his companions looked at Ferlon. “We have to fight Seerlon ourselves.” Farlynna wanted to protest, fighting an army as massive as Seerlons was nigh impossible for three people, but the wall behind Ferlon began to crumble. A narrow hallway opened up and grew longer. “You need to guide us to our destination. By the way, hiding in another cellar along the way would increase our chances.” he stretched forth his hand towards her, meanwhile Jelendor had accessed the tunnel. A strange indirect light was emitted from the soil creating the tunnel walls as he entered it, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. Although he had to crawl through dark narrow holes in his lifetime, he despised doing so, light was more to his liking. “You’re welcome.” Farlynna simpered at Ferlons glance at the lights.

“Still I think we can’t tackle Seerlon all by ourselves.” from the room above them voices and dishes cluttering reached them, in the basement of a tavern they had stopped for a bite to eat. Jelendor had taken a few bites from a moderately old loaf of bread and posted himself as guard at tbe door. “We can!” Ferlon hissed, gesturing wildly with his arms. “His minions have swarmed out into the city, looking for us! He will be all alone in the temple.” shrugging her shoulders Farlynna took another bite of bread. “Someone is coming.” Jelendor hid behind a crate, his companions also hid quickly and quietly. A tall man with eyes glowing in the color of honey entered the room. “I know that you’re down here, at least have the courtesy to show yourselves!”

Happy Easter, pt4



and then we’ll eat it. 😉

Hapoy Easter, pt.3


Rabbits bring eggs. Why? Because frak you, that’s why.

No, real reason is that in spring, wild rabbits dare come closer to human settlements, and thus they “bring” eggs…who brings them in winter (satan claws) autumn (jack) and summer (melanoma jim) is unknown (except to me, and now you).

Happy Easter, pt2

Did you know that the symbols of the rabbit, the chick and the egg originated in various pre-Christian cultures, as FERTILITY symbols? They got shit to do with a zombie (Jesus)

Card 2 of 4:


Happy Easter!

Well, another festive occasion, another horrid nightmare.

A colleague gave away some small chocolate bars, the sweets were good, but the image on the wrapper…

Let’s just say, they have been given a new purpose as my Easter Greeting cards. Today is number 1 of 4:



I’m a writer, so this means that I spend a lot of time in my head. I attempt to draw my audience (if there is any) into this imaginary world too, so I’m not all against stuff that is only taking place in my head, or yours, or a lot of peoples heads.

But, only 8% of the world’s money exists in physical form, the rest is all virtual.

Imagine that.

The basis for our modern world economy is only in our heads.

Not that the thing I give the cashier has any “real” value, except the value we asign it (in our heads and with the pr-/mint), but 92% of the world’s money does’t even give us that haptic feedback of handling a coin or bill – only existing virtually.
Only shit that takes place in our heads!

What do we normally do with people who asign value to shit that ain’t real and tangible?
Right, we lock them away before they can set the neighbors dog on fire for being an NSA spy, who in turn are only slaves for the alien master race.

So why do we allow Wall-Street gangsters and Rothschild crooks to control us with stuff that is only in their heads? Where did we go wrong, and derail from real life?
When did we, the people, say “Let’s imagine stuff, instead of trading bread for milk, and milk for meat?” Or a tangible placeholders for bread/milk/meat/services like real money?

I’ll tell you: WE DIDN’T!

It was THEM.

Not that I am a fan of conspiracy theories, but this is the truth folks.

THEY decided that to control us, and our lives.

Did we stop them after they ruined everything for everybody back in 1929?
Did we stop them after the Techbubble (dotcom), or the Housing bubble of 08?
No, and no.

So like morons we celebrate their ingenuity as they run for a new bubble: the next Techbubble (I call it the “Socialbubble”). Facebook, and Twitter, and all the other “temporarily well going social media” companies that produce NOTHING real, companies that only make stuff, that is IN OUR HEADS – they suddenly have a “real” monetary value.
I call Bullshit on that.

Remember the BitCoin?
That was shit that NEVER existed in physical form, it was only in people’s heads (and computers) and some hackers gave them a blue pill, and now the BitCoin is crashing with reality.
Did anybody learn something from this?
Did anybody say after this “Hey!? Let’s make our money tangible again, and stop this virtual crap!”?
No one spoke up.
It got quiet around this really quick.
As if to hush the public, and make them comfortable, eventhough one super massive solarflare / mass ejection could wipe out modern world economy. And we wouldn’t have a hint of a warning. (A mass ejecetion event fried some telegraphs back in the 19th century, when only a few of those were around, imagine that happening today. Chaos!)

No, instead we got focused on Crimea – although the Russian claim on the peninsula is thousands of times more legitimate than anything the US did in recent years/decades.
Our focus got diverted to a plane that got lost after that. It is a tragedy, and all the relatives out there have my sympathy, but is MH370 of global interest?

We’re fooled.
All the time.
Shit that is only taking place in our heads dictates our lives, and our attention to solve this situation is rushed away to something else immediately!

Wake up people.
Smell that?
It’s something burning, and it’s our bum’s.

My condolences to the relatives of MH370, but let’s get global attention back to global issues: our climate is acting up (or at least going to become uncomfortable for us humans), our Bees are dying (making life for us humans harder if not borderline impossible), our economy is only crap inside our heads/computers (one massive solar flare, people).

Let’s tackle REAL issues, people.
I’m a writer, but 8 hours a day I’m an employee.
5 hours I spend sleeping.
Only 1-2 hours do I spend writing, the rest I’m a father and a husband. So only 1-2 hours a day I’m in a place that is inside my head.
Reality, people, let’s get back to it.