“Look down! You will never see that again!” Jelendors voice reached Ferlons ear, reluctantly the later opened his eyes. Below them the city grew smaller while they ascended spiraling around the spire. The wide open temple of the four cardinal directions revealed a beautiful aspect from above to Ferlon that he had not seen before. The representations of the six elements on the individual platforms glowed like tiny stars to his eyes. His heart grew lighter from his fear of the height.

As they reached the top of the spire the Phoenix guiding them circled it once to get its bearings, but then picked up speed.

It lead the two Griffen behind it through the forest, flying low below the branches and leaves, curving around the stems.

Slowly Ferlon began to feel sick.

After some time Danariens shelter appeared beyond the stems. Although he couldn’t see her through the haze around her island, Ferlon felt her looking at them. She probably was fully aware of the Phoenix as it first flew by. In the distance Ferlon sensed the sanctum with the gate inside it, if no one was inside it, autumn wouldn’t reveal around it, yet he felt the autumnly breeze in his heart.

While they flew slinging through the forest they picked up speed, and soon Ferlon found himself flying through parts of the forest he had no knowledge of, but still populated by his people, as they flew over a sanctum similar to the gate. An upside down cauldron that hovered above the ground, it was engulfed in a shimmering green light. “This is a Cauldron of the heavens.” he yelled to Jelendor ahead of him. “I know. Although I might appear as if spiritual matter wouldn’t concern me, I know all that there is to know for an uninitiated!” Astonished Ferlon raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, the beast-master surely knew a lot more than he let on.