You know, caring for and living with my animal friends is very enlightening.” unlike the Phoenix both the Griffin and their riders needed rest and food. With a slightly annoyed expression on its face the phoenix sat near the camp site. Jelendor prepared some food for them while the two Griffin were grassing the leaves off the trees around them. “But, originally I wanted to become a temple servant at the sanctum tree. But I had to continue on my family’s heritage after my brother had left the land.” Nodding in acknowledgement Ferlon stared across the fire.

Over the campfire the two men continued to exchange stories of their respective lives before going to sleep.

Gradually the shape of the forest changed during the hours of flight. Instead of saturated green the leaves became olive, and looked as if the trees were sick. The smell turned from the fresh air of a forest into the damp and stale air of a swamp that barely had any winds. Ground became covered in mushrooms and other fungi.

“A sanctum of the fires.” Ferlons expression and tone both were sad as their group flew over a desolate sanctum, long since abandoned. Knowing his companions needed rest te Phoenix headed for a deserted, and desolate village.

“Don’t eat anything you find here.” Jelendor looked straight into his Griffins eyes, knowing he understood Jelendor turned to the village square. “This once was their village sacred place.” Ferlon gently touched the pole that leaned in an odd angle on top of a small mound. Interested the Phoenix watched them while he sat on the beams of a nearby house. From time to time opened his wings, a sphere of ethereal flames spread out, engulfed him and passed as far as his companions. “We should leave this place.” Jelendor looked around, unlike Ferlon he carried weapons. A bow with a dozen arrows, as well as a short sword. He held the later ready in his hand, ready to defend himself against any of the spawns the fungus creates. “We should show our respect towards the village sanct,” Ferlon was rudely interrupted as Jelendor grabbed him from behind, covering his mouth, both Griffin and tbe Phoenix had quickly climbed the trees or flew off. The building Jelendor retreated into with his companion had formerly been a place of merchandise and of village meetings. To his relief it also was intact for the most part.

A party of five armed individuals entered the town square. Their skin had an ashen complexion, but for the most part it was flawless.