“I could swear I saw something!” Jelendor and Ferlon were crouched behind an interior wall, both held their breaths, assuming that the men could hear them as perfectly as they could hear them. “Has it crossed your mind that you’re going crazy?”

“Look!” the first man loudly exclaimed, making both their hearts skip a beat, the ground could betray them. “Something was here, there are depressions in the ground.”

Quietly Ferlon and Jelendor exchanged a terrified look. Neither of them had ever encountered a fungal spawn, neither ever had to fight.

“Look, we have a trek of valuable goods down there, I will not continue hunting after your ghosts.” the man sounded aggravated. “There surely are robbers in the area and I don’t want them to lay their hands on that stuff, besides this Albin village gives me the creeps!” he waved his fellow men after him as he walked off. Jelendor watched them walk away, only the first guy that had discovered the depressions left behind by the Griffin stayed behind. “No sense for architecture or history that man.” he looked at the sanctum, shook his head and also left.

After they were surely out of hearing range Jelendor sighed in relief. Reluctantly Ferlon left the relatively safe house and looked around outside. Up to that moment both men had believed the rumors that the fungus and its spawns were one united nation. But their talk of robbers, their hostile discussion in general had revealed to Jelendor and Ferlon that the fungus spawn were as diverse as other races were. “Now can we leave?” Jelendor merely hissed, uncertain what the hearing capabilities of the fungus spawn was he decided not to raise his voice.

Still shaking from the unexpected encounter with the fungus spawn Ferlon nodded.

From above Jelendor watched the trek the fungus spawn in the village had talked about. It carried crates and barrels on carts pulled by ordinary bovines. From a far it was impossible to tell whether they were oxen or not, even for Jelendor.

The trek moved parallel to them but after some time he lost track of them, as they moved faster than the carts. “Our feathered friend is under the impression that it couldn’t be more than two more days of flight until we reach Jath’moihm.” Ferlon didn’t react, his mind was still occupied by the encounter in the abandoned village.

“Ferlon!” the called shook off his thoughts. “Beneath us!” still averted to look down he sighed reluctantly he let his gaze wander down. Out of the pitch black night an illuminated road was winding through the land, only slowly did he realize that the land changed from dense forest into gentle hills overgrown with lower vegetation and tall fungi. Around him and Jelendor he could make out an incandescent ethereal cloud, constantly igniting tiny spores, the cloud originated with the Phoenix. Again Ferlon looked down to the road, the lights used to illuminate it were entirely different from the soft light that shone on the roads around and in Thar’maihm.

“This direct yellow light on the ground would irritate me.” Jelendor had made his Griffin fly next to Ferlons, the Phoenix was still as far ahead as before, mostly to disperse its ethereal flames around the two.

“I’m curious what’ll await us in Jath’moihm. They surely abandoned traditional ways if they built a city in an open area such as this.” outside the meditation Ferlon had not seen anything but the forest and the sea. Deep inside him he felt curiosity for the landscape beneath in broad daylight. For a while Ferlon forgot that the city had been built into the forest like other settlements, but the landscape had changed over time.

Smirking knowingly Jelendor pointed upwards, revealing a starry nightsky to Ferlon that was not shrouded by leaves and branches.

“Before you know it we will be there, and you will see what our brethren were up to in the recent generations.”