Leaving the border of the fungus domain did not mean an end to the fungus merchant treks. They moved towards the city, as the road was mainly always beneath them. Apparently the city had relations on an economic level with the fungus spawn. A city of ochre and red decorations opened up beneath Ferlon and Jelendor, with the forest vanishing the city had been remodeled as well. Open spaces with grass and paved ways gapped between the buildings, architecture had not been altered much, but the ornaments had. The Phoenix drew a large circle over the city, although Ferlon could make out a spiritual district, the sanctums, the temples were all different from the ones he knew. Jelendor on the other hand discovered a huge district filled with large gardens. Cries and smells of wild animals reached him. Traditional beast-mastery seemed to have been held in high esteem in Jath’moihm. As in Thar’maihm a tall spire rose high above the other buildings.

Oddly there had been no one on the streets.

At the gates to the city they had seen crowds, from above they seemed mixed, fungus spawn as well as their own kind. Most of them were civilians, only a few armed cityguards. Appearing glad to be home the Phoenix sat down on the platform of the spire which was nearly identical to the one they had started from.

Skillfully the griffin landed with their riders and immediately screamed for food and water. Both Jelendor and Ferlon hastily threw a few fruit to their beaks and put a dish with water out for them. In the vain hopes to have remained undetected Jelendor dared to peek down the staircase. As far as he could see the stairwell was empty.

Puzzled as to their next steps Jelendor turned to his companion and opened his mouth to speak. As he himself had dobe days before in the village Ferlon quickly grabved him one hand on the tall mans mouth.

A blond woman with tanned skin and glowing yellow eyes appeared in the stairwell, apparently she had camped out just outside direct sight in the stairwell. Her plain robes rustled as she looked around, much to Jelendors surprise she did not see them, but she saw the two Griffin. “Oh.” she gasped turning to the bird. “You should bring Albin, not Griffin!” her calm voice had a warm undertone to it as she spoke with the bird.

Perplexed she stopped turning her attention back to the Griffin which returned the baffled gaze. “I see. They would not have fed themselves, so please come out.” The two men apoeared out of thin air next to her. “Fair day.” Ferlon immediately stammered, Jelendor also greeted the woman. “Fair day!” she smiled relieved to the the two men. “I am high-priestess Farlynna. I trust you are the advance party?” uncertain how to respond the two men exchanged a glance. “We were sent to investigate the situation, then return and report.” Ferlon stepped up to her, only at that moment did Farlynna start to look the two mwn up and down. Unlike her and the Albin she had ever seen these two had fair white skin, their eyes had a violet tone about them, yet their hair was dark. “You guys are from the forest!” again she gasped, she leaped towards Ferlon and hugged him. “Lore told us you all fell in the war with the fungus before peace returned to the lands!” with a quick look down to the streets she shook off her surprise about the fact that the forest Albin were as alive as always. “You should send word to your hometown, we need capable fighters.” Jelendor also looked to the empty streets, turned to Farlynna. “Why?” he crossed his arms in front of his chest, even though it was Ferlons assignment and he was merely the support, it bothered him that they knew not tbe nature of the peril the city faced.