“The sunlight sanctuary,” she started pointing to a buildibg seemingly made of glass, “it turned its worshipers into mad men. The high priest dethroned the sanctuary crystal, shattered it, and put himself on top of the worship!” her voice sounded more desperate. He is filled with hatred for everyone who defies his orders, and for everyone different.” Jelendor sighed. He grew up in a port town, nearly everyone near the docks was racist. “In case you do not know both our ancestors killed the fungus, the fungus spawn gained independence, we have strong economic and cultural relations with them. This peace, how strongly supported it might be through economy and cukture, is fragile! A man like him could start a new war.” While listening to her words Ferlon sensed other motives behind the high priests plan, he kept staring at the sanctuary. At its base inside the building he could see a mass of people, so densely stuffed in the sanctuary that they barely were able to move. “Everyone who did not comply with his demands had either been put under house arrest or taken away.” she sighed suppressing tears. “As has my little sister,” she wanted to continue explaining the events that had driven her to the spire in the dead of night with three Phoenix, but Ferlon had turned around leaping towards her and Jelendor, throwing both of them to the ground. Next they knew hundreads of ethereal discharges impacted all around them. Both the Phoenix and the two Griffin leaped off the spire and flew away dodging the attacks. Jelendor pulled the two down into the stairwell, while small chunks of debris fell on the platform. Their descent was followed by the constant impact noise from above.

“Before we try to run, why aren’t they crumbling the walls like you did?” Jelendor leaned against a heavy oak door, from above dust and noise of the impacts reached the three. Curious what Jelendor was talking about Farlynna looked at Ferlon too. “Maybe their mastery of weaving isn’t that good? How should I know?” With a powerful thrust Jelendor pushed the door open, immediately dodged an ethereal discharge, returned hostility by shooting an arrow at the attacker. Farlynna also shot discharges at the attackers. Both had reached cover, a mix between shock and surprise lay in their eyes when they turned to Ferlon. The pavement stones around him were torn from the ground, piled next to him as a wall covering him. A city guard jumped around the corner ready to attack Ferlon, without a warning he collapsed, allowing Ferlon to move on, like a caterpillar the wall of pavement stones moved with him until he too had reached cover behind the house that Jelendor and Farlynna had reached before. “How did you do that? I have never seen any weaver performing such feat!” Farlynna was genuinely amazed while the three moved on through the alleyways. “Weavers in Thar’maihm and other towns are able to do that. I am a mere sanctum priest from the woods.” Ferlon assumed his previous statement to Jelendor correct, that the Albin in Jath’moihm were not as good weavers. “Are you sure we lost them?” Jelendor kept his sword ready in his hand, while Farlynna kept listening for noise from the streets. “I’m fairly certain, yes.” she turned to him. The three were holed up in a basement in the outer districts of the city. There was barely any light in the room, but that did not bother any of them. “The soil this city has been built on was severely disturbed.” Ferlon looked around in the dark cellar. “Still the roots of a once great forest remain here,” he stopped mid sentence, wearing a rather distressed expression on his face. “Farlynna, how many generations lie between yours and the last contact with other Albin?” Jelendor wanted to reply that it was barely more than one, but the grim expression he could make out on Ferlons barely lit face told him to be quiet. “Four or five, mabe even six. Depends whether you live to be sixty or not. Why?” during a silent moment in which neither Ferlon nor Jelendor uttered a sound she too thought about the unusual inquiry. “Our ancestors before the war are said to have lived for hundreds of years. But we reach sixty years, some even up to eighty.” a nervous tremble was undeniably in her voice. “How old do you guys get usually?” Ferlon looked to the ground, he felt sorry for the young woman.