“Two hundred and more. The oldest Albin I know of had reached the noble age of threehundred and twentytwo.” Farlynna felt her composure fall apart. She had thought that the events that had made her people shortlived were true for all Albin. “And my senses tell me, it has to do with you folks not living in our forests any longer, or at least what befell the forests here had also befallen you.” Ferlon looked around. Jelendor poked him in the ribs with his elbow. “There are more pressing concerns at hand.” “Seerlon.” Farlynna stammered, slowly regaining her composure, shaking off the shocking revelations. “By shattering the crystal he uncovered the orb.” suddenly struck by interest as if it was lightning Ferlon hurled around to the young woman. “The orb? The orb of the undying fire? It is here?” slowly she nodded, again surprised at the amount of knowledge the Albin in front of her had amassed. Releasing an elongated sigh Ferlon sat down on a crate that was next to him. Even before the hostilities with the fungus the orb was considered lost. After the fungus episode in Albin history it was rumored to lie hidden in a then lost and abandoned temple. That it had been in Jath’moihm all the time was unbelievable.”It’s what gives, or at least enhances his powers.” amiss Ferlon stared at an undisclosed point in the room with a blank expression on his face, thoughts ran through his head. The elders at home had to be notified. Danarien had to be informed! But their access to the spire was lost, he doubted that the watchful eyes of Seerlons henchmen would let a Phoenix pass out of town even if they could sneak into the spire. “We’ll have to do it ourselves.” both of his companions looked at Ferlon. “We have to fight Seerlon ourselves.” Farlynna wanted to protest, fighting an army as massive as Seerlons was nigh impossible for three people, but the wall behind Ferlon began to crumble. A narrow hallway opened up and grew longer. “You need to guide us to our destination. By the way, hiding in another cellar along the way would increase our chances.” he stretched forth his hand towards her, meanwhile Jelendor had accessed the tunnel. A strange indirect light was emitted from the soil creating the tunnel walls as he entered it, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. Although he had to crawl through dark narrow holes in his lifetime, he despised doing so, light was more to his liking. “You’re welcome.” Farlynna simpered at Ferlons glance at the lights.

“Still I think we can’t tackle Seerlon all by ourselves.” from the room above them voices and dishes cluttering reached them, in the basement of a tavern they had stopped for a bite to eat. Jelendor had taken a few bites from a moderately old loaf of bread and posted himself as guard at tbe door. “We can!” Ferlon hissed, gesturing wildly with his arms. “His minions have swarmed out into the city, looking for us! He will be all alone in the temple.” shrugging her shoulders Farlynna took another bite of bread. “Someone is coming.” Jelendor hid behind a crate, his companions also hid quickly and quietly. A tall man with eyes glowing in the color of honey entered the room. “I know that you’re down here, at least have the courtesy to show yourselves!”