Ferlon cursed silently, from his hiding spot he couldn’t see to the man, couldn’t do his weavery. Slowly the man advanced farther into the cellar. “Listen,” he had lowered his voice, in the room above noise level had also dropped. “they are here to find you!” as if to check Ferlon looked up, but other than the sudden darkness after Farlynna had ended her lights he couldn’t see much in the barely noticeable glow of the mans eyes, Farlynnas were closed, presumably to cover her own glow. Gently Ferlon squeezed her hand, as to say that she shouldn’t worry .

As suddenly as he had shown up the man sought also cover behind a large barrel, steps sounded from the steep stairs, a group of people entered the cellar. A tingling sensation, followed by a feeling of weightlessness went through Farlynnas body, only a heartbeat later a glowing sphere followed by the woman that had created it, leaped to their hiding space.

Disappointed at the emptiness she found she withdrew again.

Farlynna turned to Ferlon, she could see him as if he was behind a thin grey cloth, with his finger at his mouth he told her to remain silent, then he tapped his temple and winked. “There’s no one here.” the woman that had looked in their hideout stemmed her hands on her hips. “We must find the intruders that she called for help.” the group withdrew again, leaving the cellar in darkness. After a few more minutes noise levels in the tavern above returned to their previous intensity. Jelendor and the stranger climbed out of their hideouts, keeping a respectful distance to one another the two looked around the room. “Ferlon?” Jelendor linsed nervously away from the other man to where he knew Ferlon and Farlynna where hidden. “Farlynna?”

The two men slowly approached the spot from two different angles. “High priestess Farlynna!” the stranger also had reduced his voice to mere hissing. Out of thin air the two reappeared, on Farlynnas cheeks lay the hint of a blush as her lights reappeared in the walls around. “I warned you guys.” in the light the stranger revealed to be wearing a city guards uniform.

“How did you find us anyways?” Jelendor had unsheathed his dagger, his arms crossed in front of his chest he had positioned himself between the stranger and the others. “I thought you might take a break at the tavern. Honestly it was just dumb luck!”

After a few minutes of talking the two men noticed that Ferlon and Farlynna had barely moved.

“We,” nervously Ferlon cleared his throat, “we need to get moving again.” other than the nervous undertone there was a great sadness hidden in his voice. With an equally sad and nervous smile Farlynna nodded. Neither of the two had heard a single word that had been uttered in the room.