“I am Warlin, and I can help you.” the cityguard introduced himself as they moved through a narrow corridor again, the opening behind them closed after the group had wandered a few meters. “The temple is heavily guarded. There are dozens of guards everywhere.”

“Are you trying to help us or discourage us?” Jelendor glanced over his shoulder to their latest addition to the group. “Is the temple guarded from beneath?” Ferlon kept walking, he had not noticed that Farlynna was still holding his hand.

“I don’t know whether the temple has a basement! But even if so, it surely is guarded.” Warlin stated with a long sigh. Following the strangers was probably not the smartest of his decisions.

But glancing back at the closing tunnel behind him he figured that he was left with no other choice than to continue. “We’ll tunnel out directly into the room that Seerlon resides in. We will keep the guards at bay, Ferlon will take care of him.” Jelendor summed up the plan for Warlin. A confident and reassuring smile on her lips Farlynna turned around nodding.

“We will be there in a few moments, we have to go straight up then.” purring into Ferlons ear she slightly squeezed his hand, once again blushing.

A blinding flash filled the room after just a heartbeat earlier an opening had formed in the ground. Quickly Jelendor and Warlin climbed out of the hole, followed by Farlynna who had created the flash, and Ferlon.

Four blinded guards were stumbling around the room. Warlin and Jelendor leaped to them and overpowered them with ease. Meanwhile Farlynna and Ferlon inspected the room they had broken into.

It was neither the great hall nor Seerlons quarters, but a basement, light flooded, but a mere basement. “That way!” Farlynna pointed out one of the two doors a stairwell was visible beyond a long corridor. Immediately Jelendor and Warlin junped to the door, into the corridor. The doors to the adjacent rooms were closed, but both assumed that they were either not locked at all or locked from the inside, allowing the guards inside to surprise them. Never the less the group moved forward.

After a few meters the doors around them were flung open, as the two men had anticipated. From one of the guards Jelendor had nicked a set of throwing-knives, put them to good use with the attackers. It hurt all of them that they had to use potentially lethal force, when all they wanted to do is overpower Seerlon to end the madness that gad befallen the city of Jath’moihm.

Ferlon raised a wall of stone around them, letting pass only attacks that the group made. After a few moments more guards came rushing down the stairs, stalling the further advance into the temple.

Suddenly thevwall around the group fell apart, but the ground beneath the incoming guards began to shake and rumble, the tremors were even felt by all members of the group around Ferlon.

Few moments later the guards were lying subdued on the ground, as the tremors subsided. “Your weavery is extraordinary.” Warlin leaned on the wall next to Ferlon.

“It’s normal where I come from.”