I am against racism, or any of that bullshit that puts a blend of people in a drawer and a label.

Suit and tie wearing executives aren’t a blend of people I can tolerate. Never have they produced anything, let alone something useful.

Jeremy Clarkson, if he is so controversial as the BBC spokespeople claim, he is not allowed to script his own lines! At least if someone would be ao controversial under MY authority, I wouldn’t allow them that. That means some schmuck has actually green lighted the script where Jezza had to use the rhyme with the N word in it. Or he isn’t as controversial and he decided on his own.

When it came to cutting,  some asshole ACTIVELY sought the bad version (not enough mumbling, no substitute) and gave that away – dear BBC, you don’t have a racist problem with Jeremy Clarkson, you have a security problem with your cutting room personnel. Next they’ll leak out secret scenes from tele novellas, making your efforts to secrecy useless.
Seriously,  the mumbled versions should’ve been deleted, virtual trash bin emptied right away – if only physical copies existed, the material should’ve been cut, burned and thrown away. In that exact order.

Or a suit and tie wants Clarkson gone. Deliberately attacking him.

Now, it doesn’t matter, really. Just some theories of a crazy fan, but I think the incident itself is laden with more controversy than Jezza alone could ever hold.
What’s been done and claimed, is done and claimed. Harm done.

I hope they’ll leave Clarkson alone now, and I hope for many more seasons of TopGear, and special programmes with Clarkson (and Hammond and May respectively).

Before I close this post of mine, I think the N word needs to either die out, or come back without the implied racism. Either a word is racist and bad – then we must punish every rapper and other black person currently using the N word freely, just as we would punish a white person (admit it, the way tolerance of the usage of the N word depends on the users racial background is in itself highly racist!), OR white people can drop the N word just as casually as black people. Personally I prefer the first one.
N word prohibition for all people.

With that said, I bid you a sunny and nice Sunday.
Take care,