Slowly Farlynna approached the sphere and Ferlon. “We could utilize the powers of the orb together.” she whimpered, in her words desperation, she wanted both the powers of the sphere as well as Ferlons closure and his forgiveness.

Her graceful hand trembled as she reached for the orb, Ferlons expression behind the relic was neutral sad. “We must guard it, one day it will be of great importance.”

Farlynna sensed something from the corners of her eyes.


Holding on to the orb with her left she turned around and found herself in the forest, leaves fell around her as densely as heavy snowfall. Startled she turned back to face Ferlon, he held on to the lower half of the orb with his left hand. They stood in the ruins of an ancient Albin town. Spectre like spirits moved around them, staring in disbelief. “It needs to go home.” he sighed, Farlynnas initial shock was blown away by sudden unexplained relief.

“Where are we?”

“Thar’maihm.” Ferlon looked around, still the amethyst glow upon his eyes. “The old Thar’maihm, before it was lost to the ages.” he and Farlynna kept holding on to the orb as they stepped out of the well, after a few steps the spirits around them vanished. “I guess I finally get to explore the old temple.”

“What will become of me? Of us?” Ferlon turned to her, although he had felt the immense pain of betrayal he still felt the greater joy of love for the young woman. “You and I are no longer.” he sighed, Farlynna stared at him with an inquisitive stare, the colors of the forest around them grew in intensity. Beyond the last ruins the forest did not continue, instead a gray mist surrounded the ruin town. “Where is this old Thar’maihm?” Farlynna turned to Ferlon, she felt as if all her worries and struggles fallen off of her. “It is where we are.” Ferlon smiled gently, he too felt his worries falling off of him.