Jelendor and Warlin were astonished to see the guards helping them unbury the staircase after Ferlon had collapsed it. Quickly the two men glanced at the podest where Seerlon and the orb had been standing before they were cast down from the large hall.

The orb was still there hovering in the hallow hands of a person neither had seen before. “The two reached for the sphere and all of sudden this man was there.” a guard reported to Warlin, they all had bowed their heads in shame, with Seerlons demise they suddenly felt ashamed of their prior actions.

With him their hatred towards different people had died, as if it had been a spell that Seerlon put on them. “And he is?” Warlin pointed vaguely at the stranger.

“We are not a man.” startled the guards inched away, Jelendor reached for his dagger. “Nor are we a woman.” the voice soinded oddly familiar to Warlin and Jelendor. “We were,” the androgynous being had stood up, glanced at the people in the room with amethyst and yellow eyes, puzzled it glanced down on itself. “I was Ferlon and Farlynna, you may call me Ferlyn.”

Staring at the orb in its hands Ferlyn sighed satisfied. “I must protect you until crystal can enclose you once again.”

Absent minded Jelendor watched Ferlyn walk amongst the ruins. The elders of Thar’moihm had also gathered, from the starlight well sprits of the past were also onlooking. “Autumn is coming.” Danarien sighed, joining the group in watching Ferlyn make its way to the ancient temple. “Planting the seed for a new spring is something one should do while there is still time.”