Ytha ran as fast as her legs would carry her, her field of vision was narrowed as the trees of the forest shot by her. Endlessly she was searching for the lights of the village, but couldn’t find them, although she knew the woods like the back of her hand. As daughter of a hunter she ought to.

While running through the woods her mind returned to her brother, and his favorite pass time, pixie berries. Not only did he like them but cultivated them.

Often did he try to rally support for a fence around the village so wild animals and spirits of the firest couldn’t wander into the village.

Ythas wife, the village sanctum maiden, always stood against it. “Albin are a part of the forest, they shouldn’t separate themselves from it by a fence.”, folks in the village agreed with her.

As did Ytha.

While running through the nightly forest in panic she began to doubt her conviction about the fence.

A log caused her to trip and fall.

Panting Ytha got up and looked around the dark woods.


Never the less she got up and continued on her way, weary of any sound in the darkness around her. An owl shouted in the distance, making Ythas skin crawl, followed by ghastly silence.

Mist started rising, urging Ytha to run faster, her mind wandered involuntarily back to the reason for her running.