“She heard your father calling the Holler ‘Ythren’, wasn’t that your mothers name?” clinging on to her pillow Ytha held her breath. What if Othuens suspicion was correct? “Ythren was a popular name once, it doesn’t mean our mother returned from beyond the grave as a Banshee to cull my father.” the front door was opened. “How ever, I am grateful for what you do for Ytha. I shall collect my fathers remains, please prepare for the ceremony, fair day.” after the door was shut again Ytha heard Othuen sigh that she was ready for that ceremony since she had put her to bed.

Blue flames engulfed the frail body of Arlun as he was returned to the ancestral realm, Ytha and Arthen would have to spread his ashes in the woods for him to complete his mortal journey in the perpetual circle of life and death. Othuen held the ceremony, directly behind her stood Ytha and Arthen, behind the siblings were Arthens wife and his son. “He left you sonething.” Arthen hissed, it had been three days since Ytha had encountered the Banshee. “Not now.” Ytha kept her eyes fixed at Arluns body. It was considered disrespectful to speak during the ceremony, Ytha considered it even more disrespectful since it was their father that had died and her wife led the ceremony.

Without saying a word Arthen pressed a sheet of papyrus in her hand that hadn’t been treated kindly in its existence. At first she wanted to protest but put the sheet away quietly. “Arlun of the Ghar’than woods is now entering the realm of our ancestors, completing the circle of life and death.” Othuen handed the urn to the siblings who took it with trembles. “Every breath of life is a ritual, from the first enchanted scream to the last yearning sigh.” close to tears Ytha walked out into the forest side by side with Arthen, after the village was out of sight they began spreading the ashes in silence until they returned with an empty urn. Thanking the others for their attendance the two returned to the sanctum where they handed the urn back to Othuen, also thanking her. “You might want to worry.” Arthen whispered to her in a moment Ytha wasn’t listening. In the eyes of the man Othuen saw genuine concern for Ytha.