Let’s play a game.

This is the first installment of the sort, maybe there’ll be more, maybe this is the first and last one. The rules are simple, post your answer as a reply to this, or on any of my sites (google+, facebook, twitter, tumblr or linkedIn), or send me an E-Mail.

Here it goes:

Riddle #1“I am a creature from a SciFi novel series / film. Name either me, my homeworld or the novel/film”

If you have the answer, or you want to dwell on the hints given already – don’t read on!






Hint: There had been a remake of the movie, as well as miniseries and several Games.






Hint: “My poops keeps the galaxy running.”






Hint: Names of planets from this novel series have been added into the nomenclature for features on Titan.






Final hint: Patrick Steward played a role in the first film (It isn’t Star Trek related! Please don’t look it up on IMDB, that’d be cheating!)