Shocked and irritated Othuen inched back from the sheet.

Squinting her eyes Othuen extended her hand again but did not lift it physically, rather with her powers. The folded sheet floated before her eyes, also with ethereal weavery she wanted to open it, finally curious enough.

Ethereal lights crawled over the surface of the papyrus, but it remained folded. Disappointed she let the folded papyrus sheet flot to rest on the small table that stood next to the window.

Outside she saw mist rising from the forest around the village. Concern grew inside her.

“I had a strange dream.” Ytha sat at the table, Othuen had served breakfast, she observed several people constructing a gate at the road into the village, they had carried along material to build a fence. “The fog was hunting me again, and there was a Holler like the one that spoke my fathers name,” she stopped looking at Othuen sitting next to her. The sanctum maiden stared at the papyrus sheet butvwas otherwise paying attention. “she was there but didn’t call my name. Just stuck with me. As if she was watching out for me.” Ytha laid her hand over the sheet. “How did it feel?” Othuen sighed, turning her gaze to her wife.

“Comfortable. Oddly.”

Othuen sighed once more she also started to eat her breakfast, now that the sheet had been obstructed from her sight, Ytha even put it on her lap away from direct sight for good.

“I agreed to the fence because of the Holler.” Othuen knew that, that question was burning on Ythas mind. “It won’t be stopped, but slowed down.” she continued, feeling odd having to explain herself to Ytha, whom she was concerned for. Enough so to abandon her previous convictions.