The bright morning light blew away every last bit of the bad feelings both had. “I thought we’d go out into the forest and collect some roots, berries and blossoms today.” Ythas eyes were glowing with enthusiasm as Othuen glanced over. She couldn’t speak out against that idea, Albin were a part of the forest they lived in, and although she feared for Ythas safety, she couldn’t keep her in the village. “Alright.” she smiled faintly, Banshees were said to also appear in daylight, but far less likely.

Ytha slowly unfolded the sheet, Othuen had left doing the dishes, instructing her to stay at the table and prepare for the day. By the time they’d return the gate and a considerable part of the fence were supposed to be up.

She also noticed the ethereal shimmering while unfolding the papyrus. The ghostly face of the Banshee that taken her father stared out of the sheet after she had unfolded it. Terrified Ytha dropped it on the table jumped away from it. “What happened?” Othuen rushed to the room in reply to Ythas shriek of utter terror. Rendered speechless she merely pointed at the open sheet. “It’s the holler!” she gasped sinking down on her chair. Laden with concern Othuen approached table and sheet. She too saw the Banshee face. From its ethereal nature the portrait seemed as lively as if a tiny Banshee was actually captured on the page. “An ethereal portrait!” she gasped for air fascinated by the sight. Quickly her eyes went over the text that was inscribed on the page in addition to the portrait. “My love, have you read this?” Ytha shook her head as Othuen turned slowly towards her.

Reluctantly she bent forward trying to ignore the image floating on the papyrus while trying to read the lines her father had written.”My dear daughter, if you read these lines, I am dead. I don’t know whether you’ll have learned of demise just prior to receiving this, or knew for a longer period of time. I most sincerely hope it isn’t by these lines. I must thank you for all the care you have given me in the last years of my life, I am most certainly grateful for all the joy my children have brought into my life! But I have to tell you that I knew of my impending end, probably I’ve chased you away from my home.” Ytha dried up some tears that had fallen on the page and threatened to water down her fathers writing as the papyrus soaked them up. “For all of your life I had known of my end, how it will haven taken place. Before you were born that path was laid out before me and I need to share that secret with you. The Holler that had taken my life might haunt you my dear child, she might frighten you, but it is no reason to afraid. The Holler once was known as Ythren of the Gar’than village. Your mother.” Ytha pushed herself away from the table gasping violently for air. Othuen had been reading ahead, caught her as she seemed to faint. For a few moments the two women stood in the room holding one another. “Can we go to forest now?” Ythas voice was but a thin whimpering sound in Othuens ear. “Don’t you want to finish the read?” softly Ytha shook her head. Giving in to her wife’s will Othuen grabbed the baskets she had prepared before, and lead Ytha out of the house, the village.