Othuen soon became the one that was led, as Ytha knew the woods better than she did. Their stroll took them by a babbling brook, to a clearing that Othuen barely had seen before. In the shade of an old willow she saw tge remnants of a starlight well, still the glowing pond of its basin shimmered out from beneath the roots of the willow. “My father often took us here when we were kids.” Ytha spoke with a dreamy voice. Othuen bowed before the well, to that very day had she been oblivious to the fact that there had been a starlight well in vicinity of the village. They were founded only on specific powerful points, Othuen had assumed that no such point was clise to the village. “Father said he had married a girl that had appeared to him in woods,” Ytha smiled still dreamy she picked some pixie berries from a bush that grew in the shade of the willow. “I always assumed that he meant that metaphorically. That he ran into her one day while hunting.” Ytha stood up turning to her wife that was kneeling in front of the well staring a stone that she had found there. “But the Holler thing makes me doubt that.” she sniffed tryibg to understand Othuens facial expression.

Very slowly, with some terror amongst her eyes Othuen turned to her. “You were born two years after Ythren of the Gar’than village died.” the carefully picked pixie berries fell out of the basket as it fell to the ground.

Immediately after revealing that information to her wife Othuen regretted telling her. “Forgive me my love!” she rushed to Ytha, who had covered her face with her hands, wrapping her arms around her. “I shouldn’t have told you.”

“But I’m glad you did.” Ytha breathed, also embracing Othuen. “You were reading ahead of me. What else did the papyrus say?”

Othuen sighed, looking into Ythas teared up eyes. “I haven’t read much more other than what you already know. He urges you to forgive her, since it was a pact formed between them. But that you have been born, and fathered, after Ythrens death wasn’t in there.” Ytha nodded also kneeling down to inspect the stone. Arluns and Ythrens names were engraved on it, the date if their marriage as well as Ythrens date of death. Pleading for assistance with her eyes Ytha turned towards Othuen. With a wave of her hand Othuen made Arluns date of death appear in the stone.