The hazy sunlight grew in intensity, obscured everything around Othuen, as it lifted the two stood on the clearing by the willow, it was relatively small, the well was still out in the open. A couple approached, holding hands. In the man Othuen recognized Arlun when he was younger. Enchantment in their eyes young Arlun and Ythren kissed before she stepped backwards into the well. Her flesh and clothes disappeared into thin ethereal clouds leaving behind the eerie vision of a Banshee.

Seasons floated by Othuens vision, until the clearing transformed once more into the dreamy summer afternoon. Younger Arlun had wandered onto the clearing, stopped in front of the well. Undefined shapes of mist rose behind it, pouring into the well until Ythren formed in flesh and bone, on her arms an infant.

“She truly is born a Banshee?” Othuen inhaled the thick summery air. “Yes.” the young Ythren turned to her, not surprised by the fact that the strange woman had disappeared from her side, Othuen smiled at the odd Banshee. “I want you to always take good care of my Ytha, especially in the days to come.” young Ythren slowly turned into her Banshee self sighing in sorrow. “Soon she will discover her heritage, her words can mean an end, but at the same time she will be the only one to keep your child.” irritated Othuen shook her head, convinced to have misheard Ythren. “Soon you too will understand.” Ythren smiled. Othuen wanted to speak up but found herself standing in front if the sanctum. Not a second had passed since the strange woman had approached her.

A strange feeling went through Othuens body and soul, she looked at her hands, irritation in her eyes. Everything seemed the same and yet different. All around her the other Albin of the village capable of weavery seemed just as irritated as she was. “What troubles you my love?” Ytha had returned from her brother with a few Pixie berries, since they had lost theirs in the forest. “Something is terribly wrong.” Othuen kept staring at her hands, not noticing the berries loosing color and their ethereal bodies, but clearly noticing the lack of ethereal feeling in her skin and her mind. “Horribly wrong.”