“Do you ever think we waste our time in this life?” Praethon stood next to the Beastmaster staring into the sunset above the city and forest. “Why would you ask such a thing?” Johly held and caressed a cat while listening to Praethon. “As a race, we’re changing,” he sighed, longing for Elthans pipe, “I already told you, that our life expectancy has lowered, so I figure, now that I have less time left, I should embrace life’s beautiful sides rather than spend my days secluded from the world, submerged in meditation or studying texts from ancient times.” Johly did not look up from her cat to know he was looking at her. She knew his true feelings for her since she met him. Sighing long and from the bottom of her heart, Johly got up. “Pay a visit to my cousin Jelendor, he lives in the old part of the town, tell him why he should tend to my beastiary.” she smiled kindly, layibg her hand on his cheek, feeling his beating and longing heart. “And on the day our journey is over, you and I can finish the conversation you desperately tried to begin here.” her voice was soft and soothing, bringing confidence to Praethon. “Ah! Praethon! I feared you might have abandoned our party.” Elthan joyously rushed towards the novice. To her one side was a peer reaching out into the ocean, to her other, a building with rich decorations which immediately invoked the impression of an important building in anyone who arrived at the harbor from sea, when in truth it was a mere warehouse. After acquainting her novice with all members of the party, including their human companion Frank, she led the group aboard a small Albin vessel. One tall mast rose out of its center, the crew was minimal. Most of them would travel with them over land once they had landed at their destination, a rather small town at the other side of the calm sea, near Both’anah isle.

Their journey would follow a trade route along side the mountains that lay on the edge of the central sweetwater sea.”In years past men wouldn’t dare to leave the safe confines of their homes, to stroll the night, or the deck of a ship, this time of the year. Naga would rise from below the waves to claim their lives, but the city council of Galnerra had forged and executed a plan to attack them.” Frank explained as they marched out of Aquathim. “I wouldn’t rest in confidence of their undoing.” Elthan smirked unnoticed by their human company. “I have it on good authority that they will resurface sooner or later, but with hearts tamed by love.” she dared not to reveal that it was a prophecy that the temple had gotten from Danarien, who in turn had it from her apprentice. “In about a week we should be past these mountains, close to the sweetwater sea.” Frank didn’t understand the fuzz the Albin made about maintaining the status quo of the world. Especially with the Naga. He heard that Albin men had been taken by the Naga as well, they were nothing more than a predatory race that should be wiped from the earth in his eyes. The missing magic however was troublesome. He never had these powers himself, but once a member of the circle church, and he wished for her to return to her normal life. Besides, the magic users were vital to maintaining the human power sphere.”Enjoy the view Praethon! Bask in the beauty and glory of nature, unfolded around you lies the only world we have, even though these forests seem entirely different than the ones we know from home.” Elthan was in a particularly happy mood as their trek reached the highest overpass of their journey. The startingpoint of their wandering after they had landed was obscured by mountains, but the last peak in the road was lying far behind and beneath their position. Struck by homesickness Praethon glanced back. The coniferous forests around them offered little to no comfort, other than Johly nothing could lighten up his mood.