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Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 14)

The chamber opening to them had five alcoves, one of which was their entrance, in its center was an illuminated circular opening filled with water. Praethon felt his question answered, the Naga were actually close to their wet home. “The water down here glows because of the finewater in the walls.” Oshun mentioned that fact as if it was the most common thing in the world, but neither Elthan nor Praethon were paying attention to the water. In one of the other alcoves a cage had been raised with the banning symbols engraved on its bars. Behind it sat a seemingly young woman, she was naked except for a loin cloth, she had wrapped her huge leathery wings around her shoulders. As the visitors approached she got up and curiously studied the strangers. “Did you bring me a present Oshun?”

“I was called Lillian, mother of the Succubi.” the caged woman introduced herself after Oshuns guests had calmed themselves. “I hid in this abandoned temple to escape my demise.” she mustered Praethon, with a lustful gaze. Unlike her offspring Succubi she had the gift of immortality, whilst younger generations needed to steal life force off of the living to survive, the unique properties of the temple had kept her young as she explained to the two newcomers. In order to avoid capture by ancients and being slain by them she had stowed herself away in the island temple. “One day the mages flocked to this place, a darkness had befallen the lands, it blocked their capabilities. Uncertain whether to kill me they did not kill me, but trapped me in this cage, wuth the light from the well as my only company.” a deep seated hatred swung in her voice. “Before you ask, the ancients were not humans. Nor were they of your people or Naga.” she sat back down certain to never being able to lay her hands on the young man outside her cage. “Eventually the mages left after having banished the cause for the darkness of their powers. But they had spoken amongst themselves. What ever had caused the magic in the world to be blocked had turned my brethren, creatures of darkness and of light into mere mortals.” she kept staring at Praethon. An amused smirk appeared on her lips. “It’s happening again, isn’t it?” Before Elthan could speak up confirming the demons assumption Praethon rose from his seat. “You know how they banished the Chimeras? Or Sphinxes?”

Lillian smirked, also rising from her sitting position in one fluid motion.”I might, but that information would cost you.” she hissed, only now standing close to the bars did Praethon realize that she was incredibly tall, two meters at least, beneast her almost transparent pale skin he could see her veins shimmering in ethereal glow. “You want to be set free afterwards.” nodding the Succubus sat back down. Both Oshun and Elthan rushed to the young Albin, neither wanted to risk setting lose a powerful ancient demon.

Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 13)

“Perhaps,” Praethon leaped out of his hiding spot, “the darkness in the prophecies results from the lack of weavery in the world?” Elthan almost jumped off her sickbed upon hearing her former apprentices voice. “My thoughts exactly!” the lead Naga didn’t seem surprised over his sudden appearance. She moved towards the cage, a key in her hand. Quickly Praethon raised his left to stop her. “Elthan, are you willing to serve this expedition once more, or will you defect again?” Elthan sighed leaning back on her bed. “I will gladly retake my position in the,” his gesture made her stop. “No, your position in the expedition is no longer vacant, it hasn’t been since the night you attacked me. It would be greatly fortunate for you if you could becone fourth in command.” after he had made his presence known, Praethons comrades had also leaped into chamber, both Johly and Sashja, as well as the warriors in the group made an agreeing gesture. Begrudgingly Elthan nodded to his question of her loyalty towards the expedition. The leading Naga slithered towards the cage, opened it both magically and with the key in her hand, before introducing herself as Oshun to her visitors. Explaining that she had heard them walk down the spiraled hallway she returned to the Chimera wall.

“Won’t they need weavery to reclaim this world?” Elthan limped to the wall joining her comrades and the Naga. “Magic exist inside them, but not around them, they are devouring it.” Oshun peeked over her shoulder, Sashja and Johly had flanked Praethon, the othrr warriors in the back stood with their backs to one another. An amused smirk appeared on her scaled lips. “This place is special, not only has it changed our tribe over the generations to enable us to use the fine watery crafts, it also helped my sisters and me to change our mating ways.” she slithered away from her male visitors, explaining that their poisonous tail could also spray their toxic aphrodisiac as a cloud. Their victims became overwhelmed with kust but did not die, the nutrients required to lay their gelatinous eggs were then acquired by consuming fish or deer.

From the corner of her eyes she saw a wave of relaxation move through the intruders. “Besides, mating season is over.” she smirked amused.

After the introduction Oshun led the intruders deeper into the pyramid, several storeys below the chamber, after passing quarters of several dozen Naga, both Elthan and Praethon noticed a strong increase in the ethereal. Looking around Praethon could see that the ethereal that empowered and enabled his weavery was emanating from the walls. “Who ever had built this, they had no common folk in mind while constructing the site.” she pointed at the rest of the group who seemed to feel sick. Headache, dizziness, nausea haunted the non weavery capable members of the expedition. Praethon rushed to Sashja, supporting her. “We better head back.” her voice was thin, the other members of the group already returned to higher grounds. “Take care of yourself.” he whispered as she turned to walk away. “You too.” grimly she looked to Elthan, befor hurrying upwards away from the dense ethereal field that came from the walls.

Oshun slithered slowly downward, telling her two remaining guests that they had found and subsequently imprisoned sonething when the Naga had evolved into their magical properties enough to vantage down into the Pyramid. By the layout of the room Praethon figured that it was part of a set of five rooms that were centered around a sixth chamber. “Brace yourselves.” all the while they descended deeper into the Pyramid Elthan and Praethon wondered why the Naga stayed that far away from the water that was their natural habitat.

A crunching noise of stone sliding over stone filled the room as a door opened to the central chanber that Praethon had anticipated.

Culture on Deathrow

I recently saw a documentary about a rather mysagonist culture.
I won’t comment which one, but I ahve to add: It ain’t a pure chinese problem.

The dilemma of the one child policy is known and critizised plenty enough. Girls face abortion, or neglect in many cases because they cost (dowry) while boys don’t.
The other culture doesn’t have such a stupid policy. It still has a ratio of 145 boys to 100 girls born.
BORN mind you!

They neglect their girls, boys would get better medical treatment than girls, thus child mortality rate among girls is higher. When they grow up there are too many men for only a few women. The documentary even interviewed a woman who had given birth to EIGHT (!) girls, and killed all of the born children immediately, because – you guessed it – they were girls.
EIGHT healthy babies, murdered by their own mother as soon as they were born, because girls.

Although the culture in question is rich and ancient, has a lot of history predating anything we have here in the west, this current trend is a cul de sac. And I’m glad for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry for all the lost lives. For every girl born and murdered, neglected or abandonned. It hurts me.
But I am glad. This – obviously primitive – culture is on death row. They are killing off their future women, and most women from the civilised parts of the world won’t comply with that kind of crap, so their entire culture is in it’s dying twitches.
Good. No more child murder, no more child neglect, no more gendercide. The chinese have a similar problem.

I like the culture and it aches me to see them go, but if that is the cost to stop gendercide, good. Taking out your idiotic cultural and religious beliefs on infants and toddlers – your culture and religion deserve to die out.

That is all I ahve to say.

It is wrong, I am hurt on a far too personal level than I anticipated, and I’d like to bitch-slap all these people into the ground until my hands and muscles are sore, but I can’t.
So I sit back, and take comfort in the fact that these morons are actually killing off their own future, until tehy are ALL gone.


Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 12)

“How did it get up here?” Sashja raised concern that Johly had ignored when making her discovery. Investigating Praethon kneed above the boat, he let his hand hover above the damaged planks. “Weavery.” he sighed, clearly seeing and feeling ethereal traces of Elthans magic. Puzzled he got up, his expression twisted by an odd feeling. “The last sip of nectar I had was on the mainland.” with his mind he raised the boat wreck from the ground. “Yet, I can weave once more.” dropping the wreck back on the ground he marched up the ancient road, Sashja closely behind. Johly and the rest of the team followed with some distance, the mysteries of the island and the sudden rediscovery of weavery disturbed them.

After following the road in silenxe for an hour the forest opened up to a large clearing, but the members of the team suspected that beneath the soil was a huge paved square, as in the middle of the clearing a tall five sided pyramid rose into the sky.

There were stairs leading up to an entrance at about half way up, while many Phoenix nested on the space above, their croaks filled the clearing and surrounding forest. Happily croaking himsf Johlys friend also took off and flew up to his brethren.

“She is in there.” Praethon sighed, slowly turning to Sashja. “And I suspect the reason for the Phoenix’ presence as well.” in his smile was a gentle tone that made Sashja hope to solve all mysteries immediately and get some time alone with the young weaver.

Cold humid air greeted the intruders as they had reached the entrance to the pyramid. In a long spiral curve the narrow hallway led down into the structure. “We must be below ground by now.” Johly marched ahead of the group, each of them carried a quickly fashioned torch, although Praethon could have created a light he too relied on the torch, having adapted to life without weavery, and afraid it might vanish again.

“I’m telling you that the fine water is vanishing everywhere else in the world.” Johly waved her comrades to remain silent as Elthans voice reached her ears. “If that were true it could be terrible.” a hissing voice reached the ears of the intruders. Carefully Praethon risked sneaking ahead to catch a glimpse. The room that opened up after the long spiral descent was five sided as the pyramid itself. Five doors led to it from above, five more led away further down. In the center of the room was a bed, around which a cage had been built with much haste, symbols were engraved on the bars of the cage. Immediately Praethon identified them as ancient banishment runes, powerful enough to even keep demons from escaping. They were known by Albin and humans alike, but Praethon was surprised that the Naga knew about them. “It is terrible for weavers like me, but why do you care?” Elthan, sitting on the caged bed, seemed to have been given medical care. Her head and left arm were in bandages. Apparently she had tried to out run the storms with her powers, but had been crushed onto the island by fierce winds. “We have fled the salty sea, discovered this island in this wonderful vast and safe sweetwater sea. Living here has empowered my sisters and me to use the fine water, or weavery as you call it.” for a moment Elthan paused. “Fled the salty sea? May I ask why?” “You would find that Naga and sharks are not the worst that lives beneath the waves.” stoically the Naga glanced into the distance. “We have learned the language that is written here,” she pointed at the surrounding walls that were filked with writing. “We became a culture with writing and history, as opposed to our sisters in the salty sea. But we found something rather unnerving in the texts.” she slithered to one of the walls, visible to Praethon she cane to halt next to a depiction of a creature with wibgs a lions body and a human or Albin head, on its back was a long finn, as well as indicated gill on the creatures neck. “The humans call it a Sphinx, these texts refer to to it as both Sphinx and Chimera.” Both Elthan in her cage and Praethon in his hiding space laud their foreheads in wrinkles. They had each read about the Chimera, powerful beings that were banished from the face of the earth along with all the demons, previously benevolent, but over the eons of banishment turned malevolent. According to prophecies and seers they were plotting to return. “After a time of darkness they will reclaim their rightful lands.” Elthan quoted one of the prophecies.

Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 11)

Praethon stood in a provisional shelter the warriors had constructed, he stared out to the sea, not to catch a glimpse of Elthan, but to assess the next step he and the trek under his command would take. “We’ll need some sort of boat.” Sashja stood bent over the map. “Boats.” Praethon kept staring at the waters, he thought it best if the trek was on several boats, if one sank the others could continue, and not all was lost. “Around twenty on each one. Three boats.” he turned to her. “I want you to commandeer one, I will command one and the third will be led by Johly.” Sashja inhaled to protest, not only because of personal reasons did she want to stay close to Praethon, but also because of the Naga. In his determined look however did she read that he was not to be swayed in his decision. Perhaps the Naga threat was just a cover story for her personal agenda. “I would be honored.” he voice sounded thinner than she wanted. “I have the highest confidence in you.” in his smile was more than just the confidence in her skills. Over the previous few weeks Johly had stayed away from him as much as she could, Praethon was honor bound to respect her wishes. He had spent a lot of time with Sashja, partially because she was the highest ranking officer in the expedition. Partially because he really enjoyed her company. “By my estimates we will be traveling at least three days, if the winds are right.” she bent back to face the map, regaining some volume to her voice.

“Good, provisions for at least five days.” he stepped closer to her standing next to her. “And don’t be alarmed.” Sashja got up, turning towards him. “Alarmed over?” “Me sending you to command a vessel on your own. I’d rather have you close to me.” Sashja blushed, noticing that Praethon did so as well. “I, feel, well, I am,” she stuttered incoherent words, not sure what to say or do. “Just arrive there in safety, as I will. From there on out we’ll see.” he whispered, he longed to kiss her, uncertain how their professional relationship would hold out he hesitated. “That we will.” she smiled, leaning in to steal a tender kiss from his lips. Quickly she retreated. “I will give the instructions to build the three vessels.” Soft gentle waves stroke the shallow beach as three boats reached the huge island in the middle of the sweetwater sea, Johly had scouted ahead while the others of the expedition secured the boats by pulling them above the tidal line. Vegetation around the beach was thick and undisturbed for long times, but a narrow passage where nothing taller than grass would grow. Thigh high grass that had been disturbed shortly before her arrival. Curiously Johly examined the ground. Soil was only shallow in the grassy patch, beneath the thin layer of soil were pavement stones. Surprised she looked up ahead, went onward towards the center of the island.

To the sides of the paved road was thick forest, occasionally a clearing with shrubberies. No structures that would tell of the true purpose of the paved road beneath her feet. After a while she found what she had anticipated, Elthans boat. The carvings on the bow were distinctly of Reedheim. But no where around the small craft was any sign of the high priestess. Battling her own curiosity for exploration Johly turned around. “That might be a problem.” Praethon sighed after hearing of Elthans badly damaged boat. Although she had no Jal’bothan that he knew of he knew that Elthan was resourceful and could’ve made preparations for them.

An all to familiar croak drew the attention of him and Johly. “That’s my Phoenix!” Johly rushed to the ethereal bird that sat near the boats on a log. Praethon too recognized the bird as the one that had drawn the map for them. “I guess we have arrived?” Sashja stood next to him, both watched Johly as she let the Phoenix land on her arm, and caressed its head and neck. “I guess so.” he mumbled. “Now to find Elthan.” as the grudge rose in him he felt Sashjas calming hand on his shoulder. “She can’t be gone. Don’t rush.” Johly led an away team with Praethon and Sashja to the ancient road and up to the place she had found the boat before. Her rediscovered Phoenix friend sat on her shoulder all the while. Praethon and Sashja turned to the sweetwater sea far behind and below their location. It was vaguely visible through the forest as the road had no direct line shape to the beach.

Life ain’t that hard: Space Travel!

Here’s my thoughts, if our next door neighbor (choose Mars or Venus) would be habitable – we’d be all over it!
1969 Moon landing; 197x Mars/Venus

Why? Profit. We could exploitexplore it without the hassle of building / sending hermetically sealed housing/suits/etc. there.
So. I’ve been thinking.

Fix Kepler!

Realign it with closeup stars (Barnard & co.). If they have habitable planetary bodies (or Huge-ass planets with habitable moons within the Goldilock zone) – go there. We’re exploring space within moments of finding the planet(s) in question.

Travel to the edge of the solarsystem, and then do what any sensible creature would do: FUCKING START YOUR ENGINES PROPERLY. What do I mean by that?

Build Orion.

Build it, bring it out there, and fire it up. Happy exploring.

Now, if you need this printed out, do it.
I know there’s a ot more involved than just what I told you above, but this is a rough guideline.

You’re welcome.

Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 10)

“Have you come to gloat at my capture?” Elthan stepped out of a shadowy corner. “If that would be my reason for coming, I would’ve come to see you as we arrived several hours ago.” Praethon hinted a bow of respect for the sage high priestess. Resignated she turned facing the waters of the sweet water sea in the boat bays. “What have you learned?” Shaking his head at her question Praethon walked on the tiny catwalk in between the bays to face Elthan. “You no longer are entitled to ask that.” he sighed. “You gave up on that right as our leader when you left us, and forced the burden of leading the expedition upon my shoulders.” in the dim light of the boathouse he could still clearly see her smirk. “Are you a good leader for them?” Praethon shrugged his shoulders, fully aware that she could clearly see him as well. Johly had underestimated the high priestess, she clearly had found a way to preserve the Jal’bothan inside herself after her capture. He himself had taken a sip before leaving the rest of it with Sashja. “They will follow your lead. I know that.” she turned to him. “Have you ever stopped to wonder? Whether we have wasted years upon years, decade after decade, buried in knowledge, hesitant to just go and live?” In Praethons stunned expression she could read that he had not even considered it, and if he had, he had not seen it as wasted time. “Well, I have. Recently at least. I didn’t want that human to slow us down. To stop me from seeing as much of the world as I can before I die!” Praethon tensened his muscles, felt the ethereal power the Jal’bothan granted him flowing through his body. “And I shall be dammned if this hut is all I see before I die!” quickly Praethon threw an ethereal shield in front of himself, in that very monent a discharge of ethereal nature hit that shield of his, another the doors at the other side of the bay, from beneath the waters a previously submerged boat shot up, Elthan jumped on it, while maintaining a stream of fire at Praethons shield.Just as she drifted out of the bay doors the door was flung open, Johly and Sashja stormed in. Quickly Praethon expanded his shield as Elthan threw fire at the two women before disappearing out of the direct line of sight.Disgruntled Praethon stormed out of the house, keeping a watchful eye on he water. But since the entire village was surrounded by reed, and that reed expanded far to both north and south of the village he was certain that he wouldn’t see her again soon. “She must be traveling south, to the north is just the way we had come from and the mountains.” Johly argued while following Praethon, Gunnar and his wife also followed them but kept quiet. “Shush!” Praethon hissed over his shoulder, suspicious that Elthan kept close to hearing range he urged his companions to be quiet. Surprised by his sudden assertion of dominant traits the two women exchanged a long look, uncertain what to make of it.

“Ready the camp to move out at sunrise!” he barked at Sashja and Johly before leaving the village, as the two left he turned to Gunnar and Anna. “Again, I must thank you for your hospitality and your generosity! If our Prisoner has caused any damage, let us know so that we can repair or repay it!” he bowed slightly before leaving the village. Only over the course of their march did the threat of the Naga in the sea return to his mind. After hearing about her violent escape, most of the men in the group did not fear following Elthan close to the shore. At their departure Johly informed him that Frank had decided to stay in Reedheim, the safest place he could imagine that close to an entire sea filled with Naga. Although that defection was worrying, Praethon felt relieved, without him the Albin would be able to move faster. “Praethon?” Sashja had returned from the bulk of their trek, her face was filled with sorrow. “Fear that the Naga might strike from the Reed?” he raised his eyebrows. “Our expedition is mainly male.” she smirked excusingly. Nodding he ordered her to send Johly scouting for an alternative route. The Naga might not attack the settlements at the sweetwater sea out of necessity, but they were not indigenous to the sea, thus vulnerable to attack by them. “If we’re still close to the sea when their season of mating is over, we can traverse the shore safely.” he sighed, aware of the fact that they would surely be there as the Phoenix path led them out into the southern part of it.The reed opened up to a shallow bay, widely open on the sea side, and softly climbing, grassy slopes on the land side. In the cover of the forest line the trek moved on to cross the clearing further away from the sea. Clouds that amassed above the waters told of an upcoming storm. Heeding Sashjas advice to make camp in the Forest with a eide open view of the bay Praethon waited for Johly to return with news for an alternative route. All the while he stared out to the seemingly endless water surface for any signs of Elthans boat. Her defection weighed him down, but also made him angry. “We can march through the woods.” Sashja sat down next to him handing him a bowl of soup. “Johly reported back.” appreciative Praethon nodded, gladly taking the bowl in his hands as the fierce winds coming from the shore were chilling to him. “Tell her that, since I’m in command, I should receive the reports.” he smelled the soup. Fascinated by the cooking skills of his fellow Albin he tasted it. “We have little to no provisions, how do they conjure up this stuff?” Sashja smiled knowingly. “We use what we find in the woods. Roots, fruit, blossoms.” she turned to him. “I had cooking duty today.” Congratulating her on the fine meal he kept eating. Suddenly he felt her hand upon his. “Don’t let the anger over Elthans defection, and the pain over Johlys rejection change you.” she whispered kissing him on the cheek. “It is not worth it.” Puzzled he gazed at her leaving for her comrades at the fire. Shaking off his confusion he looked back out at sea. “Elthan, I will see you again.” he mumbled stretching his limbs, realizing the truth in Sashjas words. Unforgiving winds drove the rain almost vertically across the lake, slowly the forests near the shore had changed. Over the course of three weeks the trek had reached golden blooming undergrowth at the edge of the woods, with a large open area between the forest and the sweetwater sea. While Johly kept scouting ahead Sashja remained close to Praethon, hoping to ward off any attack by Naga, but never had the opportunity to test herself against one of the serpentine women. Almost every other day a storm built up above the sea, sometimes it only developed into a downpour, other times a thunderstorm.

Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 09)

In truth he was curious about Johlys observation, perhaps she lied just to stirr his attention in another direction. “In that respect, I would be honored.” she bowed slightly.
With surprise Praethon recognized Eric as the chieftain of the village. He had thought of him being a farmer, but learned that the two did not oppose each other. Eric was with the chieftain of Reedheim village and a farmer. Unlike most other human farmers the Reedheim farmers did not live on the land they cultivated. In their conversation the chieftain did reveal only little of their culture to his visitors. “The fire birds are naturally occurring in these parts, but lately many more flocked here. Others flew away from here to the south-east. Our people had witnessed a lot of activity far to the south, close to the island.” Praethons attention got sharper.”Island? We did not know of an island in the sweetwater sea?” Eric laughed nodding. “Unless times are in change, like they are now, no one who lives at the shore would talk about the island, it is so far out that it can’t be seen from the shore. But we people who live by, on and from this sea, we know.” his words were proud but Praethon couldn’t shake the feeling that Eric feared the island, as much as he prided himself and his people for knowledge of it. Although he had revealed the islands existence to his visitors in the southern part of the sea, Eric did not reveal its exact location. Why he was so reluctant to do so was a mystery Praethon did not have time to explore. “Again, let me express my gratitude for your hospitality.” Praethon bowed before the chieftain once more as they left. “Sure, if your people need anything, simply ask me, my son Gunnar or his wife Anna.” he pointed at the couple that was standing in the corner of the room. Thanking his host again Praethon and Sashja left the house. Gunnar led them to Johly, who guarded the boathouse in which Elthan was imprisoned.
It was with little surprise that Johly recognized Sashjas presence. Reluctantly she let Praethon pass to talk with the high priestess, while the two women stayed outside. “What brings you here?” Johly felt jealousy for the first time in her life. “Praethon had asked me to join, in order to assess any potential threat from the villagers.” Sashja felt threatened by Johlys aggressive inquiry. “But so far I’d say they could pose a threat but are peaceful towards us, as long as we won’t overstretch our stay.” she delivered her observations professionally to the beastmaster.


Normally when you talk about a “reboot”, you would assume someone tells you to turn off your computer and turn it back on.
Usually that advice is given if something has gone awry.

So why on earth do you reboot things then that hadn’t gone horribly wrong?

There is another saying in the tech-community: NEVER TOUCH A RUNNING SYSTEM.

This applies to the kind of reboot I want to adress here.

Movies / Series.

Let’s go to my favorite domain here: Star Trek.
Star Trek, the original Series, was doing perfectly fine (now)! Three seasons, one animated series and six movies. (If you take away the slowMotion Picture it’s still five)

It didn’t need a reboot!

I saw Star Trek (2009) and I must say I’m torn. As a movie, all by itself, it’s wonderful. Great characters, nice (dull) story, a shitload of action and CGI.
Nicely done, great acting.
But as a Star Trek movie – FAIL

I’m not going to examine the fails on a Star Trek level, just watch TOS, TAS and the original movies (again, let’s exlude the Motion Picture; Start with what I call the “Trilogy”: Star Trek II, III and IV, as they build up on one another), and then compare the new movies with them.
Suffice it to say, I didn’t watch Star Trek 2 Into Darkness. (or Dorkness) And I don’t miss it.

They made a “prequel” to the Alien franchise, and it sucks ass in that context. It’s nice (with a crapzillion questions left open) as a standlone film, but put into sequence/context with the Alien franchise – yuck.

Now they’re going to reboot Stargate (as a trilogy, annoyingly enough)

It makes me sigh.
I’m again torn.
I don’t want to let my hopes and excitement carry me away, just to leave me utterly disappointed (and thusly devastated) like Star Trek 2009 and the Star Wars Prequels.
Can it succeed?
Maybe it will succeed at the Box Office, raking in viewers from all over the place, and leave true fans in a torn position.
Will it stay true to the source material, or will it be a watered down, stale, faded copy of it? (on sparkly photopaper)

Here’s my problem with yet another reboot:
2. – There will probably be silly youngsters, annoying love subplots (other than the already established Daniel-Sha’ri).
3. – LENSFLARES! Silly explosions.
4. – Another trilogy is unnecessarily forced down our throats. (LotR should’ve been a series of 6 movies, the hobbit a single film. The prequels shouldn’t exist, the original trilogy was fine, Star Trek II-IV was fine)
5. – What ever will be done, someone will be pissed. “History” of a pre-established “universe” is rewritten. Again. Frak.

The problem is, Stargate was perfectly fine, as was Star Trek, but they rebooted it. They ruined a running system. Streamlined it to appeal to ALL audiences. No violence, no sexuality, no uber-nerdiness (sadly), etc.
It’ll be topical to a degree (“current” music; “current” brands like that idiotic Nokia phone 2009 Star Trek; current political issues thinly coated with a SciFi element [talking 9/11 and it’s consequences here] the movie/s will be dated five years down the road).
The original elements of the material’s soul will be faded, or gone completely.

Because the system has trouble. Not the system “Hollywood” which is broekn. Not the system “Stargate” (or “Star Trek”) which is (are) doing fine.
But the system “SciFi”.
Observing the trends in recent years – SciFi is dying.
Here’s the thing: If something is dying, you can’t revive it with the same thing. Extend the lifetime – maybe. But not revive it.

SciFi is dying, why? Look around you. We have technology that was far beyond SciFi writers/creators imaginations. Cellphones more powerfull then the imagined computer of the old Enterprise (NCC1701, no letter added, and no crappy CGI. Just a fraking model against a black backdrop!).

Are we communicating with Aliens? Alternate Universes or opening timetunnels or beaming? NOPE! We download pictures of pussy (sometimes the feline kind)  and talk to each other about trivial shit (“It’s raining here. – well here it isn’t.”)

Our technology partially caught up with our imagination (Google Glass) and fails to deliver! We’re not interested in the future anymore, since it is here and it isn’t anywhere as cool and shiny as “Star Trek” imagined, not anywhere as gritty and cruel as “Aliens” threatened (with the promise of a dangerous but cool HR Giger Alien race), there is no Sandworm to be ridden, no Cylons (see below) to be fraked (by) and no Centauri to give us Hyperspace gates (Babylon 5 reference FYI).

It’s not enabling us to go to different stars, not in any way at all.

The future is here and in someway it sucks ass. People are disappointed in SciFi and we’re redirecting our attention elsewhere to live our dreams: Fantasy.
Enter LotR & Friends. Unattainable dreams and fantasies – there are NO Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Orcs, etc. WE KNOW, and because we know, we can believe. But when you are strikken with uncertainty “Maybe we can find a way to travel the galaxy, and MAYBE there ARE aliens, friendly or not…” but all the while we’re thrown back in obtaining the goal – SciFi as a dream container for our subconscious is in itself “Unobtainium”, fading away into nothingness.
Stop trying to fix SciFi by watering it down, let it descend into the corners of nerd dominated niche’s of society media, and move on.

No reboots.
No prequels.
(Exception: Rebooting the Star Wars Prequels!)

All these reboots do in a grand scheme is water down original material to attract a wider audience, and shine a bright light at the original and how good it was for the true fans of the genre.

Sorry for the long post. Take a cup of tea for the inconvenience.


Highborn Journal – 3 Phoenix (ep 08)

With an elongated sigh she pulled him with herself away from both the square and the village, after glancing over the assembled Albin expedition. “I know that you are,” she paused looking up a tall tree next to her after sitting him down quite some distance to the camp. “interested in me.” Praethon felt his cheeks turning red. “I have thought about this long and hard those past weeks and months since we departed, the last two days in particular.” an ugly and painful precognition arose in Praethons heart.
“I was, and still am, interested in you as well, but seeing your point about our declining life expectancy, I see only pain and suffering for you in the not too distant future. I am now older than fifty years, by our old standards and life expectancy that is young, I feel young.” she paused holding on to the tree. “But if we really are dying younger, I will die a long time before you will.” she dared not look at Praethon directly, she only saw his clinched fists from the edge of her field if vision.

“I don’t care.” surprised she looked up, through a slight veil of tears she saw him marching up to her. Tenderly he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. Although Johly was almost a head taller than Praethon, way more muscular thanks to her physical labour with the animals, she felt like butter in his hands. “No.” she pushed away. Sighing she turned from him. “Please, for your own sake, don’t court me any longer. Besides I think the captain has an interest in you.” fast paced she hurried back to the camp, leaving Praethon confused and devastated in the woods. Vaguely aware of the fungal guards in the vicinity Praethon forced himself out of the petrified stance he had remained in after Johlys rejection. He had no idea how much time had passed since then, but he figured it couldn’t have been much more than a few minutes. Stumbling through the underbrush he too returned to the camp. “Praethon!” the captain of the guards greeted him as he reappeared in the camp, she had a hint of relief on her facial expression.
“Captain Sashja.” he replied in a monotone voice barely looking at her, still consumed by the burning fire of rejections pain. “The human chieftain invited you to visit the village, he assured us that while we are in the proximity of Reedheim all men are safe from the Naga.” barely aware of what she had said to him Praethon nodded, turning his gaze to the village. No sign of Johly. “When should I be there?” slowly the information sank in. “As soon as you are available.” she saluted, turning away.”Why won’t you accompany me?” petrified Sashja stopped dead in her tracks. “Me?” she turned with clear nervousness among her expressions. “It’d be like a surveying mission, in case the locals should turn out hostile.” he quickly fabricated an excuse why she should accompany him.