“What has upset you?” Elthan shook the man by his shoulders. “There are mermaids in these waters!” as he spoke these words Elthan felt tension rising inside herself, while the other men inched away from the shore a few steps. Slowly Frank regained his composure. “Mermaids?” “Naga.” was Johly short breathed answer, throwing the human back into fearing for his life. “We should haste to Reedheim.” she turned to Elthan who kneed next to the terrified warrior. Quickly the men assembled and continued onward, further away from the shore, on a course parallel to it. All the while the group obeyed an unspoken rule to maintain silence. Every rustling bush, whispering branch alarmed them a new, Frank didn’t unsheath his daggers while they continued on.
After marching for the entire day and night Elthan issued a rest, Frank was close to collapsing over his exhaustion, and her own men could use rest as well. Looking around in the forest she came to realize that their pursuers had drawn closer to them, to her surprise she even caught a glimpse of them. Certainty grew in her mind that they feared the beings from beneath the waves as much as they did and almost instinctively sought the security of the larger group. “What do you see?” Praethon sat down next to her.

“Social problems dying in the face of perils.” she smirked, pulling out the map. “We should reach town in a few days if we make haste.” silently Praethon pointed at Frank, who lay sleeping in the midst of a group of Albin warriors. All the while during their journey he had rarely been helpful, dealing with the harbor authorities after they landed was his greatest feat, but other than that he had been more of a burden, Praethon did not understand why they had the man journey with them outside the harbor.. Easily he could’ve returned to the ship and waited for their return, since he exhausted way sooner than the Albin.
“We will make haste.” Elthan waved the group of warriors around the sleeping man to stay with him as the rest of them was to move on. “Isn’t this risking their lives so we can make a dash for the town? The larger group might be slower, but safer!” Praethon was furious yet kept his voice down as to not alert anyone around, or worse the Naga themselves. Ashamed Elthan lowered her head. “You’re right. Since my time is running short I wanted to haste, not considering the ramifications it might have for the others.” she sighed handing over the map to him. “We’ll stay together.” again she signaled the warriors, this time to belay her latest order.