If frozen food has as instructions only comprising of the words “cook until done”, or better yet,  the package of your frozen spaghetti says “Serving suggestion: thaw”, just follow these easy steps:

1 – pour contents from box/bag/package into/onto pan/pot/baking tray.
2 – put on/in/above plate/stove/oven/flame/fusionreactor/whathaveyou.
3 – if necessary/possible stir occasionally until thawed.
4 – stir more frequently once thawed.
5  – if it smells done, give it a few more minutes,
6 – then try a bite
7 – if necessary repeat waiting-trying.
8 – and you’re done.

Print this out if you want, and stick it to your kitchen counter for future reference. But always keep in mind, this comes from a guy who managed to burn soup…