In truth he was curious about Johlys observation, perhaps she lied just to stirr his attention in another direction. “In that respect, I would be honored.” she bowed slightly.
With surprise Praethon recognized Eric as the chieftain of the village. He had thought of him being a farmer, but learned that the two did not oppose each other. Eric was with the chieftain of Reedheim village and a farmer. Unlike most other human farmers the Reedheim farmers did not live on the land they cultivated. In their conversation the chieftain did reveal only little of their culture to his visitors. “The fire birds are naturally occurring in these parts, but lately many more flocked here. Others flew away from here to the south-east. Our people had witnessed a lot of activity far to the south, close to the island.” Praethons attention got sharper.”Island? We did not know of an island in the sweetwater sea?” Eric laughed nodding. “Unless times are in change, like they are now, no one who lives at the shore would talk about the island, it is so far out that it can’t be seen from the shore. But we people who live by, on and from this sea, we know.” his words were proud but Praethon couldn’t shake the feeling that Eric feared the island, as much as he prided himself and his people for knowledge of it. Although he had revealed the islands existence to his visitors in the southern part of the sea, Eric did not reveal its exact location. Why he was so reluctant to do so was a mystery Praethon did not have time to explore. “Again, let me express my gratitude for your hospitality.” Praethon bowed before the chieftain once more as they left. “Sure, if your people need anything, simply ask me, my son Gunnar or his wife Anna.” he pointed at the couple that was standing in the corner of the room. Thanking his host again Praethon and Sashja left the house. Gunnar led them to Johly, who guarded the boathouse in which Elthan was imprisoned.
It was with little surprise that Johly recognized Sashjas presence. Reluctantly she let Praethon pass to talk with the high priestess, while the two women stayed outside. “What brings you here?” Johly felt jealousy for the first time in her life. “Praethon had asked me to join, in order to assess any potential threat from the villagers.” Sashja felt threatened by Johlys aggressive inquiry. “But so far I’d say they could pose a threat but are peaceful towards us, as long as we won’t overstretch our stay.” she delivered her observations professionally to the beastmaster.