“How did it get up here?” Sashja raised concern that Johly had ignored when making her discovery. Investigating Praethon kneed above the boat, he let his hand hover above the damaged planks. “Weavery.” he sighed, clearly seeing and feeling ethereal traces of Elthans magic. Puzzled he got up, his expression twisted by an odd feeling. “The last sip of nectar I had was on the mainland.” with his mind he raised the boat wreck from the ground. “Yet, I can weave once more.” dropping the wreck back on the ground he marched up the ancient road, Sashja closely behind. Johly and the rest of the team followed with some distance, the mysteries of the island and the sudden rediscovery of weavery disturbed them.

After following the road in silenxe for an hour the forest opened up to a large clearing, but the members of the team suspected that beneath the soil was a huge paved square, as in the middle of the clearing a tall five sided pyramid rose into the sky.

There were stairs leading up to an entrance at about half way up, while many Phoenix nested on the space above, their croaks filled the clearing and surrounding forest. Happily croaking himsf Johlys friend also took off and flew up to his brethren.

“She is in there.” Praethon sighed, slowly turning to Sashja. “And I suspect the reason for the Phoenix’ presence as well.” in his smile was a gentle tone that made Sashja hope to solve all mysteries immediately and get some time alone with the young weaver.

Cold humid air greeted the intruders as they had reached the entrance to the pyramid. In a long spiral curve the narrow hallway led down into the structure. “We must be below ground by now.” Johly marched ahead of the group, each of them carried a quickly fashioned torch, although Praethon could have created a light he too relied on the torch, having adapted to life without weavery, and afraid it might vanish again.

“I’m telling you that the fine water is vanishing everywhere else in the world.” Johly waved her comrades to remain silent as Elthans voice reached her ears. “If that were true it could be terrible.” a hissing voice reached the ears of the intruders. Carefully Praethon risked sneaking ahead to catch a glimpse. The room that opened up after the long spiral descent was five sided as the pyramid itself. Five doors led to it from above, five more led away further down. In the center of the room was a bed, around which a cage had been built with much haste, symbols were engraved on the bars of the cage. Immediately Praethon identified them as ancient banishment runes, powerful enough to even keep demons from escaping. They were known by Albin and humans alike, but Praethon was surprised that the Naga knew about them. “It is terrible for weavers like me, but why do you care?” Elthan, sitting on the caged bed, seemed to have been given medical care. Her head and left arm were in bandages. Apparently she had tried to out run the storms with her powers, but had been crushed onto the island by fierce winds. “We have fled the salty sea, discovered this island in this wonderful vast and safe sweetwater sea. Living here has empowered my sisters and me to use the fine water, or weavery as you call it.” for a moment Elthan paused. “Fled the salty sea? May I ask why?” “You would find that Naga and sharks are not the worst that lives beneath the waves.” stoically the Naga glanced into the distance. “We have learned the language that is written here,” she pointed at the surrounding walls that were filked with writing. “We became a culture with writing and history, as opposed to our sisters in the salty sea. But we found something rather unnerving in the texts.” she slithered to one of the walls, visible to Praethon she cane to halt next to a depiction of a creature with wibgs a lions body and a human or Albin head, on its back was a long finn, as well as indicated gill on the creatures neck. “The humans call it a Sphinx, these texts refer to to it as both Sphinx and Chimera.” Both Elthan in her cage and Praethon in his hiding space laud their foreheads in wrinkles. They had each read about the Chimera, powerful beings that were banished from the face of the earth along with all the demons, previously benevolent, but over the eons of banishment turned malevolent. According to prophecies and seers they were plotting to return. “After a time of darkness they will reclaim their rightful lands.” Elthan quoted one of the prophecies.