“Perhaps,” Praethon leaped out of his hiding spot, “the darkness in the prophecies results from the lack of weavery in the world?” Elthan almost jumped off her sickbed upon hearing her former apprentices voice. “My thoughts exactly!” the lead Naga didn’t seem surprised over his sudden appearance. She moved towards the cage, a key in her hand. Quickly Praethon raised his left to stop her. “Elthan, are you willing to serve this expedition once more, or will you defect again?” Elthan sighed leaning back on her bed. “I will gladly retake my position in the,” his gesture made her stop. “No, your position in the expedition is no longer vacant, it hasn’t been since the night you attacked me. It would be greatly fortunate for you if you could becone fourth in command.” after he had made his presence known, Praethons comrades had also leaped into chamber, both Johly and Sashja, as well as the warriors in the group made an agreeing gesture. Begrudgingly Elthan nodded to his question of her loyalty towards the expedition. The leading Naga slithered towards the cage, opened it both magically and with the key in her hand, before introducing herself as Oshun to her visitors. Explaining that she had heard them walk down the spiraled hallway she returned to the Chimera wall.

“Won’t they need weavery to reclaim this world?” Elthan limped to the wall joining her comrades and the Naga. “Magic exist inside them, but not around them, they are devouring it.” Oshun peeked over her shoulder, Sashja and Johly had flanked Praethon, the othrr warriors in the back stood with their backs to one another. An amused smirk appeared on her scaled lips. “This place is special, not only has it changed our tribe over the generations to enable us to use the fine watery crafts, it also helped my sisters and me to change our mating ways.” she slithered away from her male visitors, explaining that their poisonous tail could also spray their toxic aphrodisiac as a cloud. Their victims became overwhelmed with kust but did not die, the nutrients required to lay their gelatinous eggs were then acquired by consuming fish or deer.

From the corner of her eyes she saw a wave of relaxation move through the intruders. “Besides, mating season is over.” she smirked amused.

After the introduction Oshun led the intruders deeper into the pyramid, several storeys below the chamber, after passing quarters of several dozen Naga, both Elthan and Praethon noticed a strong increase in the ethereal. Looking around Praethon could see that the ethereal that empowered and enabled his weavery was emanating from the walls. “Who ever had built this, they had no common folk in mind while constructing the site.” she pointed at the rest of the group who seemed to feel sick. Headache, dizziness, nausea haunted the non weavery capable members of the expedition. Praethon rushed to Sashja, supporting her. “We better head back.” her voice was thin, the other members of the group already returned to higher grounds. “Take care of yourself.” he whispered as she turned to walk away. “You too.” grimly she looked to Elthan, befor hurrying upwards away from the dense ethereal field that came from the walls.

Oshun slithered slowly downward, telling her two remaining guests that they had found and subsequently imprisoned sonething when the Naga had evolved into their magical properties enough to vantage down into the Pyramid. By the layout of the room Praethon figured that it was part of a set of five rooms that were centered around a sixth chamber. “Brace yourselves.” all the while they descended deeper into the Pyramid Elthan and Praethon wondered why the Naga stayed that far away from the water that was their natural habitat.

A crunching noise of stone sliding over stone filled the room as a door opened to the central chanber that Praethon had anticipated.