The chamber opening to them had five alcoves, one of which was their entrance, in its center was an illuminated circular opening filled with water. Praethon felt his question answered, the Naga were actually close to their wet home. “The water down here glows because of the finewater in the walls.” Oshun mentioned that fact as if it was the most common thing in the world, but neither Elthan nor Praethon were paying attention to the water. In one of the other alcoves a cage had been raised with the banning symbols engraved on its bars. Behind it sat a seemingly young woman, she was naked except for a loin cloth, she had wrapped her huge leathery wings around her shoulders. As the visitors approached she got up and curiously studied the strangers. “Did you bring me a present Oshun?”

“I was called Lillian, mother of the Succubi.” the caged woman introduced herself after Oshuns guests had calmed themselves. “I hid in this abandoned temple to escape my demise.” she mustered Praethon, with a lustful gaze. Unlike her offspring Succubi she had the gift of immortality, whilst younger generations needed to steal life force off of the living to survive, the unique properties of the temple had kept her young as she explained to the two newcomers. In order to avoid capture by ancients and being slain by them she had stowed herself away in the island temple. “One day the mages flocked to this place, a darkness had befallen the lands, it blocked their capabilities. Uncertain whether to kill me they did not kill me, but trapped me in this cage, wuth the light from the well as my only company.” a deep seated hatred swung in her voice. “Before you ask, the ancients were not humans. Nor were they of your people or Naga.” she sat back down certain to never being able to lay her hands on the young man outside her cage. “Eventually the mages left after having banished the cause for the darkness of their powers. But they had spoken amongst themselves. What ever had caused the magic in the world to be blocked had turned my brethren, creatures of darkness and of light into mere mortals.” she kept staring at Praethon. An amused smirk appeared on her lips. “It’s happening again, isn’t it?” Before Elthan could speak up confirming the demons assumption Praethon rose from his seat. “You know how they banished the Chimeras? Or Sphinxes?”

Lillian smirked, also rising from her sitting position in one fluid motion.”I might, but that information would cost you.” she hissed, only now standing close to the bars did Praethon realize that she was incredibly tall, two meters at least, beneast her almost transparent pale skin he could see her veins shimmering in ethereal glow. “You want to be set free afterwards.” nodding the Succubus sat back down. Both Oshun and Elthan rushed to the young Albin, neither wanted to risk setting lose a powerful ancient demon.