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Insanity Break! Storytime…

I was entering the village stroke after midnight, expecting little to no activity on the streets and squares. But there was a huge bulk of people gathered around the local temple, and an old man in grey robes ran around the temple with his hair on fire. As I approached he doused the flames and approached me: “It has been stolen! Quick hero, thou must use thy skills and courage wisely, to reobtain our most sacred relict! The golden turd of wisom, otherwise known as bullshit!” he presented a repulsive tablecloth of once green color, it reeked of urin and stale wine. “This shall be your reward if you succeed!” after I inquired what it was he looked a little offended but continued: “The wise man’s cape of ignorance! Reduces your worries and helps you sleep sound.”
As I was in desperate need of some good night sleep I agreed to help…

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 06)

Slowly Krajani closed the map putting it back into the pouch. As slowly as with the map she took a sip from her nectar. “Danarien once showed me a trick, but told me not to teach it to other weavers unless I had become as wise as she is.” Krajani and Whlana stood up. “Just catch me if I fall.” she sighed concentrating on the ridge up above. To Whlana it appeared as if Krajani faded into a half translucent being, that extended outwards up to the ridge in a matter of a heartbeat. Fast as lightning her extended translucent forecast flickered around before returning back to the woman. Stumbling she reached for Whlana’s arm, feeling with gratitude the support of the captain. “There are a few people, dressed in wide sand colored clothes, even covering their faces.” she gasped for air in between almost every other word. “They seem interested, not aggressive, although suspicious of us.”

Clearly following her extraordinary feat the people she had spotted climbed down the ridge, it was apparent that they belonged to a caravan and livibg there permanently. “Greetings!” one of the people stepped forward, speaking in a male voice in the Albin tongue. The man removed the cloth from his face, revealing skin like leather. “Forgive our distrust, but the last time we had seen your kind has been some time ago.” he smiled not hiding bad teeth or bad breath. Krajani cringed, both because of an after effect of her spying up to the strangers and not to fall back into her racism. With a pleading look on her eyes she turned to Whlana. “Greetings!” the Captain rolled her eyes at her superior, “We didn’t mean to startle you, but our large group was sent forth in an urgent bid to find what’s known as the root of the sandtree.” The narrow brown eyes of the man widened in shock. “Your party doesn’t seem to be suited for such an endeavor!” a smirk appeared on his lips as he gazed about the entire expedition. “We could sell you what you need?”

“I asure you, we have everything with us.” Whlana smiled, again trying to get information from the man where their search for the sandtree roots should head next. Rolling his eyes Rhaman pointed at the desert. “You can not blame a traveling merchant for trying to sell. Follow our caravan for three days, there will be a fresh spring in a valley to the forest of the tigers and lions,” he pointed far behind the Albin to the vast green forest. Relief rose in both Whlana and Krajani over them having chosen to travel the river, instead of braving a wild forest infested with lions and tigers. “There you can replenish your water supplies, you will need that, because then you need to cross the desert.” he paused for a moment. Studying the eyes of the two women in front of him. “Sometimes there are caravans going that way, I have traversed the desert and its paths since I was born, and only been to the oasis once.” he continued to explain that the oasis he spoke of was inhabited by people who used magic much like Krajani had earlier. But they kept mostly to themselves, as their group was forbidden by human law.

Humans, when they were capable of magic, were required to go to the circle, a semi-religous organization that had taken it upon itself to protect the magi from the people and more important, the people from the human mages.

New Tech Rage

So I upgraded to a newer and better (and bigger) Samsung Smartphone.

First glance, I’m loving it!

Second glance, still loving it, but I’m working hard to get all the standard shit out of the system. You know, pre installed ring and notification tones, data mining garbage and so on.

On the third glance, I’m asking myself what kind of deranged lunatic designed the new operating system. (Android 4.4.2)

You see, I’m a writer, so on my tablet I write my stories and other material. (Used to do that on my phone before I got the tablet.)
On my cell, I keep my log (diary if you will). And sometimes I write my stuff on my cell.
In either case, I press SAVE choose the external SDCard, choose the directory, give it a file name and done.
When already saved once, just save after opening it.
I couldn’t find my folders when I had hit save. Not even the infamous “extSDcard”.

Immediately one thought sprang to mind: Bug!

Saved it to “0”, had to copy it over to the SDCard, in the directory where it belonged, opened it, wrote a few lines, saved, aaaand

New Android security policies prevent Apps from writing to the SD Card!


When Microsoft said this, everyone shat their pants. When Android/Google says it, it’s accepted?

I was a little jealous when my wife’s tablet was updated to 4.4.2, and mine wasn’t, but now, I’m fracking glad!

Look here you numbskulls: I write in the App, save directly to my “extSdCard”, in case the device has an inconvenient mishap with a turbo drill, I just take out the SD card and put it in a new device.
Here, a small flow chart-ish display of what’s wrong:

Correct: App->Writing->Save to SD Card
Wrong: App->Writing->Save to 0->Copy to SD Card

I can’t save a file already in existence on the SD, so for any updates, I have to open the file, save it to “0” again, copy it to the SD again and replace the original. (or have file names like “FrackYouTwatfaces-1” and counting upwards…)

Now, I have to go and find a hack, a work around, SOME FRACKING WAY to save shit directly to SD!

So, what kind of nonthinking mouthbreather did this???
Give me a patch, an update, a crack, a hack – SOMETHING!

Whoever you are, I hope you live at leat to be 100 years old, while constantly bleeding from both eyes!


Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 05)

From the ground around the lioness arm thick thorny vines rose, wrapping around the animal, piercing its flesh and squeezing the life out of it. Stunned by her quick reflexes tge other warriors watched the ground rise up behind Krajani to deflect another attacking lioness, as the great feral cat shook off the shock of the sudden earthen wall the same collapsed onto her, hardening as if it was rock. Meanwhile the other weavers in the expedition also rid the attacked of the lions.

Only after the attacks had been repelled did Krajani notice the muktitude of animals gathered at the delta. The steppes were stretching vast in each direction around the delta, except for the desert. “Gather the wounded.” she hissed to Whlana who was awestruck as well. “We are on their hunting grounds.” Krajani turned to the badly injured warrior on the ground. His dark hair was smeared in blood, but his face lit up when saw her. “Don’t speak.” she kneed to him. “You are badly injured, but it is not your time to join the ancestors yet.” her hand hovered above his body. Golden shimmering light streamed from her hollow hand. The flow of blood from his gaping wound slowed and eventually stopped, to a certain degree his wounds started to heal. “Lie still, they will transport you, as I cannot heal you completely.” after she had saved the warrior from death, she looked around, other weavers rushed around following her example in stopping wounded companions from dying.

After they had reached the foot of the nearest mountain, somewhat shielded from the intense hot wind from the desert, Krajani opened the map again. Not only did she note the path of their flight where they landed, but gave the delta a name: “Bloodshiredelta” Although originally proud that she had the honor of naming places no one had tread on before, like explorers everywhere, she now wished she had not to do that. “I don’t think these slopes are safe.” Whlana perched on the ground next to her, ever distrustful studying the rocks around and above them. “The desert people might be around, and although they know of our merchants, they might not react well to a group of our magnitude.”

All this, and we are WHERE?

In my pocket I carry with me a device that combines devices that twenty ayears ago would’Ve required me to carry a large suitcase with me. Or a ladderwagon.

A video camera, a photo camera, a computer, a music player, a small TV, a gaming console, a voice recorder, a telefone and I can send text and multimedia messages to other people too!!

And we are still depending on OIL? With the same basic engine design from more than a hundred years ago? REALLY?? We have Star Trek Technology (partially) and we still rely on that sort of technology? What are we retarded?

We put a man on the moon for cryin’ out loud! Which brings me to another issue…

Humanity had a chance to change it’s ways back in 69. Not because of the drugfest at woodstock.
The moonlanding you fraktards!

As soon as the first image of earth from the moon appeared, so small, so tiny and fragile – mankind should’ve sat down and said “You know what? All our differences, skin colors, ethnicities, cultures and religions – Frak it! We are ONE people.”
They failed.
There was another chance. When Voyager (one or two, I don’t remember) beamed back the image of earth only “a spec of dust suspended in a sunbeam” (to quote Carl Sagan), mankind should’Ve sat on their asses and realize – what ever our difficulties, frack that shit! We are insignificant critters on an insignificant planet in an insignificant solarsystem, in an insignificant galaxy. Our problems with one another don’t mean shit!

What happened?? We still have racism! White cops shoot black unarmed teens, SEVERAL TIMES. More racism arises in the aftermath! WHAT???
Cavemen didn’t behave so stupidly!
If at least the people would fight over meaningful stuff – food, water, land – but because of race? Because they think someone elses fairygodfather has a bigger dick? BEcause of fracking OIL???

Okay, here’s my challenge – BEHAVE LIKE ADULTS!

Just because someone is of another “race”, ethnicity, sexuality, religion – is not reason to hate someone. Is not reason to kill someone. Y’all are behaving like little kids who want someone elses sandcastle instead of building your own.

And if you’re participating in the ALS IceBucket challenge – GIVE SOME FUCKING MONEY! Donate! And send the bucket of ice water to thirsty kids in Africa, you numbnuts!
Seriously, you’re all behaving like little kids, retarted little kids. (no offense to actually mentally handicapped people!)

Here’s my challenge, accept it, or leave my planet.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 04)

Whlana wanted to mention the monologue she had overheard, but decided to stay quiet about it. “We will have enough boats for the entire expedition ready with a day, we decided to go for the smallest option that consists of a single large trunk instead of complicated and time consuming work.” she quickly reported, only getting a neutral agreeing reaction out of Krajani. Sensing the fear in the eastern Albin Whlana gently put her hand on the weavers shoulder. “Look down there, it looks peacefully, and within no time we will be closer to the destination of this expedition.” Krajani followed the direction the western Albin woman pointed at, peaceful, saturated green seemed to boil over the shore of an island, much like milk when over cooked. Birds fluttered around the trees alongside the river without fear of being preyed upon, or drowning in the roaring river. Unlike all rivers Krajani or Whlana knew or had heard of, wind blew upstream, upsetting the water even more. It was dry and hot, although alm of the expedition felt the evaporating water from the river as they followed the natural ciurse if the water further inland towards the desert. Whlana was puzzled, the map was drawn correctly, after following it fir three days the roughly forty boats with each five crewmembers, stranded in the gently flowing, shallow waters in a wide grassy steppe. Further to the south east the desert opened up to them, flanked by the mountains that rose ever so softly fromvthe land into heights that seemed neglectable when compared to the snowy peaks of the further northern mountains. Wind, carrying sand from the desert had, slowly but persistently, taken down the tall rocky giants.

Fiercly the hot dry desert wind blew up the delta, evaporating the water, making the river disappear. “Stack up on water! Tomorrow we will venture into the desert.” Krajani had no idea where to start with the search for the roots, but entering the desert seemed like the best place to start. Barely out of the rocking confines of the boat, Krajani had rediscovered her fighting spirit. The sights of the vast desert ahead were much more satisfactory to her than what she endured on the boat. Constantly the fear of drowning had gnawed on her. She would much rather die of thirst in the desert than drown in the brural, unforgiving depths of the river. Again she consulted the map and marked the journey down river as if it was a log. Hastily the boats were unloaded, wading out of the ankle deep water the expedition members moved to dry grounds in order to set up camp.

Startled Krajani looked up from her map when she heard screams, quickly her eyes wandered through the expedition. Several groups of warriors were engaged in a defensive fight. With quick reflexes she put the map vack into the pouch on her belt and took a sipof the Jal’bothan, while running towards the nearest group under attack.

A lioness had attacked the unsuspecting warriors, on of them was already dead the other locked in battle, two more tried to hit the lion with their blades.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 03)

“Do you really think that justifies the harsh treatment?” Whlana sat on the opposit side of the campfire, Krajani had decided to inaugurate her, sooner or later she would have to tell all the members of her expedition, but for the moment she felt it was information on a need to know basis, and to keep the expedition from forming a mutiny the Captain of the warriors needed to know.

“I do. They wouldn’t have chosen me to lead this expedition without a reason. As you might now, you western Albin have a patience we easterners don’t have, our lives are inherently shorter, they knew that and thus selected me.” Whlana bit her lip as to not react to Krajanis arguments the way she wanted to react to them.

“Well then.” she finally sighed waving the eastern Albin to show the map. “Our route the next few weeks?”

Krajani took out the map and handed it over. “If we keep up the pace we have maintained thus far, we should reach the desert soon.” Whlani studied the map, her gaze was fixed at the birder between the desert and the forest.


But they were indicated as soft. By far not as tall and dangerous as tge mountains they had crossed coming from the harbour. “Have you ever wondered what keeps the desert and the forest from mixing?” a trail led along the mountain range, but it stayed with the desert side mostly. “Winds from the desert will keep the humidity on this side of the mountain range.”

Whlana looked back on the map, there was a river, but the way it had been copied onto the map must’ve been a mistake, as it ended in the valleys on the woodland side of the mountains. “We should try to reach that delta.” she pointed at the odd river. “We can stock up on water there, before entering the desert through that pass.” Whlana showed her leader the points on the map, Krajani nodded, silently agreeing with the Captain. She somehow felt as if she’d better kept quiet more often as her comments and theories caused other to dislike her.

Thundering masses of water had etched a deep cravice into the soil, a wide and wild river walzed through the dense jungle a few days after the discovery of the pyramid. “We’ll build boats.” was Whlanas first comment even before Krajani had seen the river with her own eyes. Although she feared the waters, Krajani had just agreed and later stared at the wide brown river roaring through the green forest. “It’s faster this way.” she sighed, throwing a stick into the river, immediately the piece of wood was torn out of sight. “They know of building boats and ships.” she tried to calm herself slightly terrified of the wild waters. “Are you alright?” Whlana appeared next to her. “Yes!” she caught her breath for a moment. “Why wouldn’t I?”