The two dragged Praethon away from the tall demon. “We can’t set her free, she would wreak havoc on the lands!” aggravated at Praethon for even considering setting Lillian free, Oshuns hissing voice had grown sharper. Elthan too seemed irritated by Praethons consideration. “We can hunt her down later, recapture or kill her.” Praethon kept his voice down as to not let Lillian hear him. Again Elthan wanted to speak up against him, but considered his words. “Perhaps you’re right.” she finally whispered, glancing over to the tall demon with a fierce look.

The two women let go of Praethon, who slowly returned to the cage. “You will gain your freedom once the danger stemming from the Chimeras has been subdued.” Lillian smirked, but bowing respectfully out of gratitude, well aware that her freedom would be a short-lived granting if she wouldn’t get away hastily then just to lie low for some time in a remote part of the world. “The ancients borrowed from the crystal serpent the eye of fire, so powerful an artifact that it could only be housed in crystal as it would drive a mortal insane over time.” Lillian studied the reactions of her captive audience, both Elthan and Praethon had reacted violently to the eye of fire. “The serpent was crushed in the conflict, eventually a piece of its crystal carcass was retrieved after the conflict to contain the eye.” she walked up and down in her tiny cell, still observing reactions. “With the eye of fire they managed to drive the Chimeras back into the realm beyond this world. A realm that is home to the Demons as well. Before their rise, a surge of demons swept onto this world, driven from their realm by the Sphinxes, only to be turned mortal here, and face utter demise, either at the hands of the ancients before the Sphinxes arrival or at the hands of the Sphinxes.”

Lillian sighed long during her reminiscence, before turning her attention back to Praethon. “It was not only the eye of fire, there was another artifact involved.” suspicions arose in Praethon, he gestured Elthan to leave the chamber and inform the rest of the group to inform them of the newest developments. Oshun on the other hand came closer, from the well in the center of the room two Naga emerged, as she had passed it waving her glowing bio-luminescent hand over it. “What other artifact?” the voice of the Naga was sharply tearing through the othe relatively silent room. “Him, Oshun, give him to me and I shall raise your people to power! With my powers and knowledge the Naga could dominate the world!” Lillian pointed at Praethon.

Stopping dead in her tracks the Naga turned her head to the Albin, the two other Naga flanked him. Feeling threatened he was glad to see Oshun winking although her tail stinger was pointed at him. “But aren’t you forgetting something Lillian?” she hissed as she slowly leaned towards Praethon. Before the demon could reply Oshun twisted her tail around and sprayed her aphrodisiac toxin at the cage, fully engulfing her. “We maybe hungry for recognition and power but we would never ally ourselves with the likes of you.” Lillian coughed in the hazy cloud that quickly settled. “And our aphrodisiac works on women as well.” Writhing in heat the Succubus fell to her knees. “What was the other artifact?” she positioned herself in front of the cage, the banning runes kept Lillian from reaching out between the bars. “A root of the sandtree.” she writhed and curled up into a ball. “In an hour you’ll feel better, sorayed and inhaled our toxin wears off quickly.” Oshun and Praethon left the chamber, followed by the two guarding Naga.