“I have never heard of that root.” Elthan sat at a campfire. The entire expedition had moved to the foot of the pyramid, set up camp there. “Me neither.” Praethon sighed.

Oshun and two of her Naga guards also sat the campfire. “Well,” Oshun looked to the two Naga at her sides. “there is an old legend from the southeast ocean our ancestors brought with them.” the two guarding Naga sighed, they had heard the ancient stories since their early childhood. “It was told amongst the desert people who dwelled at the coast of that ocean. There are two kinds of roots in the desert. One is found where the god of thunder and lightning strikes, the other underneath old trees in the desert.” she sighed looking up into the stars. “I had always assumed that these trees had grown above such a place where lightning stroke, but after this,” intentionally she did not finish her sentence.

Praethon nodded, he was unwilling to leave the island so soon. The pyramid still held secrets he longed to explore and unravel. Besides he wanted to spend time with Sashja. “We don’t have the resources to man that expedition.” he mumbled, the mystery of the sandtree root was also intriguing to him. “Yet.” Elthan jumped to her feet, startling both Sashja, who feared a new attack on Praethon, as well as the two Naga guards. “We should set up a base here, with your kind permission,” she turned to Oshun, “wait for the reinforcements thatvare scheduled to arrive in about a month, then we can mount such an expedition!” stunned by idea Praethon stared at the high priestess. Her old self seemed to resurface, mixing with her new found traits. In the ethereally strong vicinity of the Pyramid the old life expectancy of the Albin should still be achievable, all her fear of dying too soon had vanished. “I guess we should do just that.” Sashja gently squeezed Praethons hand, until the reinforcements arrived the two had plenty of time to spend together.

Still having a bad conscience concerning Johly, Praethon agreed, realizing that the beast master had left camp. She had climbed the Pyramid and resided with the Phoenix’ at its top. Her apparent happiness calmed him, allowed his delight at spending time with Sashja to take a hold on him