Deep, saturated green opened up infront of the expedition members moving south from the sea of sweetwater. They had arrived three weeks earlier at Naga’na, island of the Naga, where a previous expedition had set up a settlement just months before the Albin expedition had arrived.

Krajani looked around the thick forest. After marching south from the sea for several weeks the charge of four dozen came to a grinding halt. According to the detailed maps drawn by traveling merchants the forest was vast, to reach their destination, the south continental desert, the expedition would have to cross the forest since going around it was to time intensive. Although it hurt her to admit it, but she saw no alternative to cut a way through the dense forest.

Originally the leaders of the previous expedition who had set up the settlement were destined to lead the new charge in search of the root of the sand tree, but in the time they waited for the arrival of their reinforcements two of them had gotten married and she had gotten pregnant. Understandably, he did not wish to leave her unless absolutely necessary.

Krajani had no objection to leading the expedition, after she had been briefed on the objective of her expedition, to find a root of the sand tree, she took the assignment. Of course the reinforcements were not as strong in numbers as the settlers had expected, but after she had reported to Praethon that there was a dispute in Both’anah that needed settling, their expectations were more than met.

“Captain, would you kindly start clearing us a path?” she tucked the map back into her bag. In her heartvshe cursed the fungal guards who had invaded Both’anah, had it not been for that, she would have more man power at her disposal, and Griffins to ride upon. Under a long sigh she let fingers run through the long blond mane in her head, her parents had moved to the western realms of the Albin domain after it had been rediscovered at Jath’maihm. But she had a generally shorter life expectancy than the original western Albin, who were now facing the same life expectancy, her concerns were not the same as most of her comrades, although she missed using magic, since she had enjoyed training in the sanctum at Danariens island. The old Albin sanctum warden had sent her pupil on the expedition, and was not concerned for her life as the other western Albin. Shruggingg the puzzling thoughts off she shook her head.

“As you comnand!” the woman grumbled, Praethon had voiced concerns that several Naga might live at the coast beyond the desert, causing the formation of an equally balanced expedition.