Krajani stared off in the distance of the dense forest. She had seen the temple pyramid on Naga’na, in between the tall trees similar ruins of long lost cities of stone had tucked away from being discovered. Although curiosity about the lost civilization was gnawing on her attention, she knew to just press on.

Reassuring herself of its presence Krajani reached for her Jal’bothan. Satisfied she let her hand hang down by her side again. Air in the forest was humid and hot, the further south she came with her expedition the warmer it got.

It felt like ages ago that she had seen a conifer, only ever talker broadleaf trees were along the path and in its way.

“We have to pause.” the Captain stopped her .”We might have found something.” sighing Krajani shook off the thoughts she had followed while following the sweaty woman to the group of warriors tasked with cutting a way through the forest. Shrouded by a few more trees a pyramid, like the one on Naga’ne, rose a mere ten meters into the sky, covered with moss and small shrubberies. Impressed by the durability of the structure Krajani looked up to its top. “Organize two parzies. One to guard this structure, make sure they have a weaver in their midst, and another to return to Naga’na, they should send some people with them to investigate. Perhaps a serpent.” she spat out the word for the Naga with all the resentment she felt for them.Krajani harbored a resentment for all races other than Albin. She knew that her position on this was wrong, fought that feeling whenever she recognized it in herself. Danarien always had been disappointed in that trait of hers. But her parents had brought her up in that manner, and it was hard for her to let got of her inherent racism. The Jath’maihm Albin were known throughout Albin society as the ones who had relations with the Fungal people, but also as the ones who were the most distrustful of other races. Saluting her the captain marched back to her subordinates, giving out orders. In her demeanor Krajani felt rejection, regret at her words rose from her conscience. Most of the western Albin members of the expedition, as well as many of her fellow eastern Albin companions were not content with her style of leading them. After a few moments the groups she had ordered Captain Whlana to form were assembled and following the orders. Satisfied Krajani continued on marching as the warriors at the front had cleared out more woodland. Her style of leading the expedition might not have been popular but it was effective, at least she liked to think so. Perhaps the party that returned to the pyramid in the forest would later send out a scout to tell them to turn around as the ancients had hidden the root inside the Pyramid? She doubted it, but it was a possibility. One she couldn’t count on to delay her mission. Praethon and the others at Naga’na had briefed her on the Chimera threat, by all menas, they could already be entering their world and amassing, ready to wipe the mortal races off the face of the world. Time was of the issue and she didn’t want to wait for the possibility of the root being hidden in a pyramid, when she was sent out to find one in the desert.