“Do you really think that justifies the harsh treatment?” Whlana sat on the opposit side of the campfire, Krajani had decided to inaugurate her, sooner or later she would have to tell all the members of her expedition, but for the moment she felt it was information on a need to know basis, and to keep the expedition from forming a mutiny the Captain of the warriors needed to know.

“I do. They wouldn’t have chosen me to lead this expedition without a reason. As you might now, you western Albin have a patience we easterners don’t have, our lives are inherently shorter, they knew that and thus selected me.” Whlana bit her lip as to not react to Krajanis arguments the way she wanted to react to them.

“Well then.” she finally sighed waving the eastern Albin to show the map. “Our route the next few weeks?”

Krajani took out the map and handed it over. “If we keep up the pace we have maintained thus far, we should reach the desert soon.” Whlani studied the map, her gaze was fixed at the birder between the desert and the forest.


But they were indicated as soft. By far not as tall and dangerous as tge mountains they had crossed coming from the harbour. “Have you ever wondered what keeps the desert and the forest from mixing?” a trail led along the mountain range, but it stayed with the desert side mostly. “Winds from the desert will keep the humidity on this side of the mountain range.”

Whlana looked back on the map, there was a river, but the way it had been copied onto the map must’ve been a mistake, as it ended in the valleys on the woodland side of the mountains. “We should try to reach that delta.” she pointed at the odd river. “We can stock up on water there, before entering the desert through that pass.” Whlana showed her leader the points on the map, Krajani nodded, silently agreeing with the Captain. She somehow felt as if she’d better kept quiet more often as her comments and theories caused other to dislike her.

Thundering masses of water had etched a deep cravice into the soil, a wide and wild river walzed through the dense jungle a few days after the discovery of the pyramid. “We’ll build boats.” was Whlanas first comment even before Krajani had seen the river with her own eyes. Although she feared the waters, Krajani had just agreed and later stared at the wide brown river roaring through the green forest. “It’s faster this way.” she sighed, throwing a stick into the river, immediately the piece of wood was torn out of sight. “They know of building boats and ships.” she tried to calm herself slightly terrified of the wild waters. “Are you alright?” Whlana appeared next to her. “Yes!” she caught her breath for a moment. “Why wouldn’t I?”