Whlana wanted to mention the monologue she had overheard, but decided to stay quiet about it. “We will have enough boats for the entire expedition ready with a day, we decided to go for the smallest option that consists of a single large trunk instead of complicated and time consuming work.” she quickly reported, only getting a neutral agreeing reaction out of Krajani. Sensing the fear in the eastern Albin Whlana gently put her hand on the weavers shoulder. “Look down there, it looks peacefully, and within no time we will be closer to the destination of this expedition.” Krajani followed the direction the western Albin woman pointed at, peaceful, saturated green seemed to boil over the shore of an island, much like milk when over cooked. Birds fluttered around the trees alongside the river without fear of being preyed upon, or drowning in the roaring river. Unlike all rivers Krajani or Whlana knew or had heard of, wind blew upstream, upsetting the water even more. It was dry and hot, although alm of the expedition felt the evaporating water from the river as they followed the natural ciurse if the water further inland towards the desert. Whlana was puzzled, the map was drawn correctly, after following it fir three days the roughly forty boats with each five crewmembers, stranded in the gently flowing, shallow waters in a wide grassy steppe. Further to the south east the desert opened up to them, flanked by the mountains that rose ever so softly fromvthe land into heights that seemed neglectable when compared to the snowy peaks of the further northern mountains. Wind, carrying sand from the desert had, slowly but persistently, taken down the tall rocky giants.

Fiercly the hot dry desert wind blew up the delta, evaporating the water, making the river disappear. “Stack up on water! Tomorrow we will venture into the desert.” Krajani had no idea where to start with the search for the roots, but entering the desert seemed like the best place to start. Barely out of the rocking confines of the boat, Krajani had rediscovered her fighting spirit. The sights of the vast desert ahead were much more satisfactory to her than what she endured on the boat. Constantly the fear of drowning had gnawed on her. She would much rather die of thirst in the desert than drown in the brural, unforgiving depths of the river. Again she consulted the map and marked the journey down river as if it was a log. Hastily the boats were unloaded, wading out of the ankle deep water the expedition members moved to dry grounds in order to set up camp.

Startled Krajani looked up from her map when she heard screams, quickly her eyes wandered through the expedition. Several groups of warriors were engaged in a defensive fight. With quick reflexes she put the map vack into the pouch on her belt and took a sipof the Jal’bothan, while running towards the nearest group under attack.

A lioness had attacked the unsuspecting warriors, on of them was already dead the other locked in battle, two more tried to hit the lion with their blades.