From the ground around the lioness arm thick thorny vines rose, wrapping around the animal, piercing its flesh and squeezing the life out of it. Stunned by her quick reflexes tge other warriors watched the ground rise up behind Krajani to deflect another attacking lioness, as the great feral cat shook off the shock of the sudden earthen wall the same collapsed onto her, hardening as if it was rock. Meanwhile the other weavers in the expedition also rid the attacked of the lions.

Only after the attacks had been repelled did Krajani notice the muktitude of animals gathered at the delta. The steppes were stretching vast in each direction around the delta, except for the desert. “Gather the wounded.” she hissed to Whlana who was awestruck as well. “We are on their hunting grounds.” Krajani turned to the badly injured warrior on the ground. His dark hair was smeared in blood, but his face lit up when saw her. “Don’t speak.” she kneed to him. “You are badly injured, but it is not your time to join the ancestors yet.” her hand hovered above his body. Golden shimmering light streamed from her hollow hand. The flow of blood from his gaping wound slowed and eventually stopped, to a certain degree his wounds started to heal. “Lie still, they will transport you, as I cannot heal you completely.” after she had saved the warrior from death, she looked around, other weavers rushed around following her example in stopping wounded companions from dying.

After they had reached the foot of the nearest mountain, somewhat shielded from the intense hot wind from the desert, Krajani opened the map again. Not only did she note the path of their flight where they landed, but gave the delta a name: “Bloodshiredelta” Although originally proud that she had the honor of naming places no one had tread on before, like explorers everywhere, she now wished she had not to do that. “I don’t think these slopes are safe.” Whlana perched on the ground next to her, ever distrustful studying the rocks around and above them. “The desert people might be around, and although they know of our merchants, they might not react well to a group of our magnitude.”