Slowly Krajani closed the map putting it back into the pouch. As slowly as with the map she took a sip from her nectar. “Danarien once showed me a trick, but told me not to teach it to other weavers unless I had become as wise as she is.” Krajani and Whlana stood up. “Just catch me if I fall.” she sighed concentrating on the ridge up above. To Whlana it appeared as if Krajani faded into a half translucent being, that extended outwards up to the ridge in a matter of a heartbeat. Fast as lightning her extended translucent forecast flickered around before returning back to the woman. Stumbling she reached for Whlana’s arm, feeling with gratitude the support of the captain. “There are a few people, dressed in wide sand colored clothes, even covering their faces.” she gasped for air in between almost every other word. “They seem interested, not aggressive, although suspicious of us.”

Clearly following her extraordinary feat the people she had spotted climbed down the ridge, it was apparent that they belonged to a caravan and livibg there permanently. “Greetings!” one of the people stepped forward, speaking in a male voice in the Albin tongue. The man removed the cloth from his face, revealing skin like leather. “Forgive our distrust, but the last time we had seen your kind has been some time ago.” he smiled not hiding bad teeth or bad breath. Krajani cringed, both because of an after effect of her spying up to the strangers and not to fall back into her racism. With a pleading look on her eyes she turned to Whlana. “Greetings!” the Captain rolled her eyes at her superior, “We didn’t mean to startle you, but our large group was sent forth in an urgent bid to find what’s known as the root of the sandtree.” The narrow brown eyes of the man widened in shock. “Your party doesn’t seem to be suited for such an endeavor!” a smirk appeared on his lips as he gazed about the entire expedition. “We could sell you what you need?”

“I asure you, we have everything with us.” Whlana smiled, again trying to get information from the man where their search for the sandtree roots should head next. Rolling his eyes Rhaman pointed at the desert. “You can not blame a traveling merchant for trying to sell. Follow our caravan for three days, there will be a fresh spring in a valley to the forest of the tigers and lions,” he pointed far behind the Albin to the vast green forest. Relief rose in both Whlana and Krajani over them having chosen to travel the river, instead of braving a wild forest infested with lions and tigers. “There you can replenish your water supplies, you will need that, because then you need to cross the desert.” he paused for a moment. Studying the eyes of the two women in front of him. “Sometimes there are caravans going that way, I have traversed the desert and its paths since I was born, and only been to the oasis once.” he continued to explain that the oasis he spoke of was inhabited by people who used magic much like Krajani had earlier. But they kept mostly to themselves, as their group was forbidden by human law.

Humans, when they were capable of magic, were required to go to the circle, a semi-religous organization that had taken it upon itself to protect the magi from the people and more important, the people from the human mages.