“But they wouldn’t want the control of the circle, they formed a counter part to the circle out there in the autonomous oasis and called themselves the desert wraith.” Krajani looked over Rhamans shoulder out into the desert, the three of them had wandered to the top if the ridge as he spoke. Although disgusted by the dirty and smelling human in front of her, she felt anxious to meet the desert wraith. “The desert wraith are distrustful of anyone who isn’t of their town, but it is said that they know all the secrets of the desert!” Rhaman smiled, again showing his dirty teeth, accompanied by a foul smell. “If anyone knows the location of the roots you seek, they will.” he turned in the direction of the desert. “Just pack enough water for the return trip, they might not grant you access to their wells.” he kept silent about the stories of entire caravans being lost to the desert thanks to the desert wraith not providing water to them. “We would be honored if you would allow us to company you to the point where we can replenish our water supplies!” Whlana bowed slightly before the caravan leader. “We will just need some time to tend to our wounded.” she added, with an angry look to Krajani who seemed to have regained her strength. But in the eyes of the eastern Albin she had seen her aversion against any non Albin. And that she didn’t like to be that way, fought against it and often lost.”Of course, we shall await your signal, as we are making camp on the other side of this mountain. Be glad you had not more casualties, the tall grass here hides the lions well.” Rhaman looked across the vast steppe. At midnight the Caravan started moving, the trek of Albin behind them, to Rhamans surprise they all had an attire suitable to cross the desert, each member of the expedition had the necessary garments in the backpack they carried. As the lions slept after the sun had set, the expedition even was able to stock up on water for the three day trip to the next water supply. Rhaman explained to the Albin that the caravan often traveled in the second half of the night and the first half of the day, simply to avoid traveling in the greatest heat of the day. The moon and the stars were shining their way, and the camels they used to haul their cargo around, knew their way even in the darkest of nights. Krajani had her doubts, but she kept quiet, left it to Whlana to act as liaison to the humans. The following day proved Krajanis doubts to be correct, the other members of Rhamans caravan forced the caravan to move onward, making camp in the afternoon, as they desired to retain the heat of the day in their tents over the cold of night. From a warrior Krajani learned that he had talked with another caravan member. The caravan had stopped at the vase of the mountain because of an ancient shrine that spewed water, giving them chance to replenish their own supplies. Longing for them to part with the lying and deceiving humans Krajani stared into the night sky. Although she had not done that often before she noticed that the sky was different than far away at home.

A hint of homesickness went through her mindset, quickly she concentrated on their mission.