The next days went by without any incidents, Krajani felt the unforgiving nature of the desert when they passed by a few dry bones, bleached by sunlight, the surface smoothed by constant exposure to sandy winds. Whlana noted detailed the rate of their water consumption and how much they all were carrying, calculating on the top of her head how much they would need to make it to the desert wraith and back. Rather concerned she waited for an opportunity to talk with Krajani alone. “We would need to have a third of the expedition stay behind at the waterhole, we would need their water to go to the desert wraith and back.” entirely unsatisfied with her calculation Krajani looked over her shoulder. “They won’t like it. And I don’t like it already.” she hissed angrily, convinced that the expedition should stay together, and that they were capable to make it. “Listen!” Whlana pulled Krajani away from the trail they followed, the warriors and weavers marched on next to them. “We are Albin, yes we can endure hardship the humans and other races can’t endure, but we cannot and shall not risk our lives because of racial pride. I won’t let you risk all our lives because you don’t want to station a group at the next water hole, or spring! I’ll gladly follow your lead to hell and back, but I won’t let you endanger our mission.” she kept her voice low even after the last members of their expedition had long passed them. “We will face magical beings, perhaps they have nectar too, or some ethereal field like on Naga’na, hence I would propose that we leave mostly warriors behind. Do you agree?” Krajani stared at her fellow Albin with a mixture of anger and reluctant agreement. “Yes.” Whlana nodded to Krajanis grumbled agreement, walked away following the Caravan and the expedition.
“This is the place.” Rhaman smiled behind his face cloth, Krajani was glad she had not endure the sight of his brown and black teeth. The man pointed up a narrow pass, a small stream of water ran downhill aside a beaten track. “Just head in tbat direction.” he pointed straight away from the water. An old beaten track was visible in the rocky region in front of the mountains, beyond a hundred to two-hundred meters the desert changed face into sand dunes. “Safe journey.” Whlana and Rhaman bowed before each other. Krajani watched the majestic camels wander off with their human masters. During their camp the night before she had assigned the warriors who would remain at the site, and the weavers that would stay in order to provide healing hands if needed. Immediately the two groups separated, a bit over a third of the expedition set up camp at the base of the pass, in relative safety from any hungry predators from the other side of the mountains. Whlana wandered up the pass, she was to find the source of the water that came babbling downhill. Surprise overwhelmed her and the warriors she had taken with her when she stared in the emotionless eyes of a lion carved in stone. From its mouth the water poured into a basin in which the lion stood, only a little bit of that water ran downhill towards the desert. “Get Krajani, she’ll want to see this.” Whlana was certain that the spring well was ancient as the monumental pyramid they had encountered inside the jungle. “Impressive.” Krajani studied the figure, time had left its marks on the lion, the drain in the basin wasn’t working as well anymore as it once had been designed. An odd feeling flowed through Krajani as she stood next to the stone lion. Almost as if magic had returned to her without the aid of nectar. To assure herself she formed a hollow hand in which a hovering ball of blue flame appeared. “Even more impressive.” she whispered. “Exchange all our water for this,” the flame disappeared silently. “I suspect the material used to create this well is the same used in the Naga’na pyramid.” Whlana happily saluted her superior, although she was not a weaver herself the Albin were dependent on magic for their longevity, water from an ethereal well should prove to be a life insurance.