With the sun in its zenith the expedition had started marching again, while the group left behind had moved their camp to the well. To Krajani and other weavers in the expedition an ethereal path had revealed itself, guiding them in the exact same direction that Rhaman had indicated for them to walk. “Circle agents of tge humans must’ve found this as well at one point in time.” Whlana argued after Krajani had tol her about the guiding line. “Not necessarily, before weavery disappeared it might have been invisible.” Whlana turned her attention back to the desert around them instead of watching Krajani who was in turn observing the ethereal mark. “Aren’t the circle agents still roaming the land? They too would discover it.” she felt that these questions needed to be raised, although the circle agents surely would abstain from crossing the desert without proper preparation. So even if they had discovered it they would first have to mount an operation that could survive the harsh desert environment. “I’m glad we are rid of the humans.” Krajani sighed turning her attention away from the ethereal trace. Seeing Whlanas annoyed facial expression she immediately cleared her throat. “Not for the reasons you think, but we can march on during the night, we don’t need to rest as often as they need to.” Whlana nodded, she knew that Krajani was also glad because of her dislike of other races, but in that one fact Krajani was right, although moving through the pitch black desert at night could prove difficult even for the Albin. In silence the two women marched in front of the expedition. Krajani longed for a conversation, but she knew that the captain was not in the mood to talk to her. Their interests and opinions were to different than that they could converse for a longer period of time.”Maybe they did discover it, and are already on their way there? After all it has been some time since we lost the connection to the weaved ether.” Hoping to jump start the conversation that had run in the ground once more Krajani returned to the last subject they spoke of. “Perhaps.” Whlana saw the subject as closed. Would it not be for the sake of their mission, Whlana wouldn’t exchange a single word with a bigoted racist like Krajani. Although it would jeopardize the goal of their mission she secretly hoped that the wraith would treat Krajani like other visitors, distrustful. Probably with a good portion of racial hatred as the wraith were supposedly comprised of humans, who had never met an Albin before, at least none that had returned with a map of their location.Thunder rose from the sand beneath their feet, turning more and more into a growling groan.