Against the moonlight a giant body rose out of the dunes, Whlana immediately wanted to ready her warriors, but Krajani held her back with a calming hand. Amazed the members of the expedition watched another giant body rise out of the sand. Thundering the two bodies clashed together, like vines the two intertwined, writhing they sunk to the side, after a few moments they disappeared beneath sand, only slight grumbling in the distance told of their presence. “I have read of these creatures. They only come out at night, and as it appears they’re either mating or fighting over territory.” Whlana shook her head, someone had forgotten to brief her about these creatures. “They are a dying species, but harmless. Like whales in the seas.” Krajani spoke of the unknown creatures like she normally spoke of Albin, with high regards. “I thought the wraith sent that thing to scare us off, we should be close.” Whlana sighed as the expedition resumed on their path.”Oh you are.” the voice of a young man cut through the nightly air, making Whlana and the other warriors look around with raised weapons. “Might I ask what brings a bunch of outsiders to Babd-ael-Drakh?” the owner of the voice appeared not far from their position on a sanddune. “The root of the sandtree.” Whlana shouted back before Krajani could intervene, as she said it Whlana knew it was a mistake. Dressed in seemingly black clothes covering every part of his body but the eyes the man came closer, stopped a few meters from Krajani and Whlana. “We don’t reveal the deserts secrets to outsiders.” in his voice Whlana heard the same distrust and racial hatred she knew from Krajani. “We don’t need a desert rat with bad teeth and breath to lecture us.” Krajani growled, feeling the ethereal from the unseen path flowing through herself she lit fires around the stranger. Mildly impressed the young man doused the fires with his mind. “At least you’re not impaired.” he looked at Whlana, mustered her from head to toe. “At least not all of you.” he turned to Krajani, slowly uncovering his face, he grinned at her with healthy teeth. Quickly he glanced along the lines of the Albin amassed before him. With a much less amused expression he sighed. “What are your reasons to seek a root of the sandtree?” Krajani shoved herself in front of Whlana. “The Sphinxes are returning, outside certain refuges magic has all but vanished.” The young lad stood in from of Krajani, studying her eyes. After a few moments he turned to the side pointing in the direction behind him. “I will lead you to our refuge, but I cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to pass the border of our land.” Not even waiting for any signs of the Albin following him the young man started walking away, Krajani waved the others to follow and pursued the young desert wraith.