Turning to the guests the elder let go of Bakirs shoulder. “Sadly we cannot tell you where to find the roots or lead you, as we do not know with certainty, but we can aid you in your objective.”

Bakir raised his head, anger in his eyes. “They are outsiders!” he hissed stepping at the side of the elder who looked harshly to the young man. “A sandstorm will be coming soon, they won’t survive without our aid.”

Bakir looked from the elder to the Albin. “They are here by choice. The knew of the risks!”

“And the fate of the world might depend on their survival!” the elders booming voice echoed in the distance, for a moment the desert turned silent while the echoes calmed away. Even the distant noise of the lovestruck desert giants ceased for a moment. Like the pupil Bakir lowered his eyes again. “Yes master.” although he was whimpering in a low tone there was a hint of grudge in his voice. “Good.” the elder turned to the guests and smiled, waving them towards Babd-ael-Drakh he marched towards the cavern.

As they passed by Bakir Krajani stopped. “There is slim hope for your kind, but you seem to be stuck in backwards ways.”

The cavern led through black rock into a large basin that was almost perfectly circular, ground level inside the basin was more than a hundred meters below the surrounding desert. “There are several of these Drakh as we call them, all connected by the large cave.” Krajani looked to the sky that was visible above the basin, the entrance to Babd-ael-Drakh was roughly in the same direction as the gap to the Bloodshiredelta. Immediately she pondered whether in ancient times the river had flowed all the way to the basins, through the cavern opening into the rock, eroding it until the basins formed.