“As you no doubt have gathered already, we as a society are xenophobic, so you are limited to this basin.” the der who had introduced himself as Qualam told both Krajani and Whlana. To his surprise it was the latter that spoke with him, instead of Krajani who had made it clear that she was the leader of the visitors. “She is as Xenophobic as Bakir.” Whlana had not only lowered her voice but whispered after she had noticed the surprise in his dark brown, alnost black eyes.

With a hinted smirk Qualam nodded. “You may go to the river, but only extract which you need to drink, the time and place to wash is not where you can go, nor is it today.” he bowed slightly before leaving the two in the room.

It was a luxurious room that had been carved out of the rock, as have all the other rooms in the basin, not a single building had been erected. In neighboring rooms the rest of the expedition had been accommodated.

Krajani leaned at the wibdow that looked out into the basin. They were twenty to thirty meters above the basin ground, outside the door ob the opposite wall was a long hallway that led to the ground and further up as well as to the other rooms. “Thank you for talking with him.” Krajani mumbled watching mornings grey light flood into the basin.

“Remember that charming young lad we met earlier in the desert?” Whlana sighed, resignation took a hold of her, she seemed to be stuck with Krajani in that room. “You are just like him.” she continued after Krajani had made a noise that sounded like a muffled confirmation. Enraged Krajani stormed from the window, but the calm and yet cold look upon Whlanas face slowed her down, eventually stopped her. “You are crazy.” she hissed turning away, facing he window. In order to flee any further conversation she formed a wall around herself that the word of the western Albin wouldn’t be able to breach.