North of the main basin ran a small river through the rock, it joined later the big cave that connected with the other basins, the cave it flowed out from was a narrow hole in the rock that no one could hope to brave without drowning. To Krajani it was just a minor detail on the side, she had been sent out into the desert to find the roots of the sandtree, not the desert people. “They sent me.” Bakirs voice woke Krajani from her inner monologue, she wanted to leave if the wraith couldn’t help. “They say that in two days time the sandstorm will have calmed and I should accompany you to the south.” his words seemed forced. “Your people can’t tell the weather, can they?” her voice was stingy as she addressed him without looking. “The sky is clear and blue, desert sand man.”

“For a forest woman that knows nothing of the desert you are a mouthful, watch it grow dark.” he hissed ready to walk away he turned. “They told me however that in a rockfield south of here, there might be what you seek. We will see then who’s the inferior in the desert.”

Krajani kept staring at him as he walked away, in her belly she felt her anger manifesting into a hardened knot.

Long after he had vanished into the large cave to the other basins she marched, still aggravated, to the room she had to bunk in with Whlana. Glad at finding the room empty she quickly gathered some of her belongings and some water before leaving again.