Winds rushed over the basin creating an eerie howling sound, a little sand was raining down into the densely packed garden like hail. Most of the windows had been closed with shutters as Whlana stood in the basin watching the spectacle. “I was sent to bring you and your leader to the elders for a briefing on the matter of your mission.” Bakir grumbled, he had emerged from the cave that the desert wraith had covered with large planes of cloth in order to protect the water from getting polluted with sand. Although little wind reached the bottom of the basins they were fluttering violently. “You found me, let us depart.” Whlana cooperated with him without regard to his demeanor.

“I can’t find your friend.” he replied, almost choking on the word friend. Astonished Whlana raised one eyebrow. Krajani was one of a handful eastern Albin, the desert wraith were mostly dark skinned people. A fair skinned blonde Albin stuck out like a sore thumb, she couldn’t have vanished in Whlanas opinion. Returning to her room with Bakir at her side, she was surprised to not finding her there. “I have a concerning hunch.” she whispered glancing over the strewn out items in the room.

“She is out there?” Qualams voice was high pitched, an indefinable smirk played amongst Bakirs lips. “Guards at the entrance haven’t seen her,” Whlana stepped up in front of the assembly of elders since Bakir smirked. “but she has the powers of turning invisible, at least for some time.” Whlana had observed the power of invisibility amongst eastern Albin weavers, teaching it to western weavers, but the eastern weavers had perfected it. Although unfamiliar with weavery Whlana had heard that it was taking its toll on the weaver, even before weavery disappeared. “She is nowhere to be found in Babd-ael-Drakh.” Bakir woke from his smirking thoughts. Qualam wandered up and down the large semicircular hall, other elders were present, but the full assembly had dissolved after news of Krajanis disappearance had reached them. His steps echoed from the smooth walls and ceiling. After a few moments of marching up and down he returned to Bakir and Whlana. “It is too dangerous to send you,” he pointed at Whlana, his head however slowly turned to Bakir who lost his smirk. “but you on the other hand are a desert wraith, you can go and rescue her.” Bakir wanted to protest, not only had the Albin informed the wraith of the vanished magic in the world outside Babd-ael-Drakh, the desert wraith had noticed as well, and the direction Krajani would probably have embarked in, in order to find roots of the sandtree, he would soon leave the range of Babd-ael-Drakhs magic. “Take this.” Qualam put two small round pebbles in Bakirs hand. “One of these gems is yours, the other is a gift for Krajani, if you do not deliver it to her when you find her, I will personally teach you some sense of duty.” Bakir stared at the two thumb-sized pebbles in his hand. Again he wanted to protest but Qualams stare silenced his words before they left his mouth or even formed in his mind. Begrudgingly he marched off leaving Whlana baffled at the events that had occured before her eyes. Certain that Qualam would explan Bakir left the council hall the elders used to assemble, or greet guests in. Through a long soft slope carved out of the rock ge marched past rooms that were bigger than the council hall, filled with all the knowledge the desert wraith had accumulated. At the bittom of the basin he quickly crossed the lush gardens and shallow ponds, to reach the cave. Above the storm still raged on covering the plants and paths with dusty sand. On his way he wrapped a cloth around his face, after he had wettened it with fresh water.The guards were reluctant to let Bakir pass into the storm, but stepped aside after hearing of his assignment. Furious that he had been sent to find a foolish woodland woman that had intentionally wandered into a sandstorm Bakir felt empowered with his rage. Still he reached for the water supply he had taken with him every few minutes to reassure himself it was still present. Although fierce winds tore on his clothes and little exposed skin, Bakir fought against the wind keeping south. Since the storm left no grain of sand unturned he couldn’t find and follow any tracks, he just hoped that the Albin was marching south and didn’t get lost along the way. Cursing her for quasi leading him out into the sandstorm Bakir felt a weird sensation after a while. For a moment the ethereal that made his wizardry possible seemed to vanish, but in the very next moment it replenished from inside his leather pouch.