In the mixture of howling wind and sizzling sand another noise arose and reached Bakirs ear and mind. The sizzling of the sandgrains against one another in the turbulent storm seemed to be synchronous with the new sound that had a certain magical chime to it, at least to Bakirs ears.After a few meters ethereal shimmer was visible in the seemingly impenetrable wall of sand, a bubble became visible as he approached further, inside it cowered Krajani. Quickly he rushed to her feeling all his prejudices about the Albin confirmed, she wore a piece of cloth in front of her face but it was a piece of her clothes, she had not prepared as any desert dweller would have. Her hair was a contorted mess, hanging from her hear in dreads, she kept maintaining the ethereal bubble with her mind although otherwise she was weak. As he tried to lift her from the ground she proved to be unwilling, only after a moment did he realize she held on to something in the sand. Summoning every bit of his physical strength Bakir again tried to pull her up, unsheathing a large glass like object as she didn’t let go of what she was holding on to. Following her example he to cast an ethereal shield around the two of them, stumbling into the direction he had come from, he kept looking for the opportunity of shelter somewhere. After a time he discovered a small rock formation behind which they could wait out the storm. To his surprise the rock formed a small alcove in the wind shadow. Quickly he put Krajani on the ground, raising the sand them to form a wall that would shield them from the storm. “Why?” Krajani coughed after the majority of the noise was blocked by the wall. “Orders.” he grumbled throwing the second pebble in her direction, which she caught, immediately feeling its ethereal properties although she still was under the influence of Jal’bothan. “Just orders?” she studied the pebble up close, underneath a layer of black rock, in which artful symbols had been carved, was a layer of a metallic substance. It reminded her of the walls in the Naga’na pyramid. Remembering her find, she put the pebble in her pouch, looking at the glassy object. “Just orders. I wouldn’t have risked my life for a lush-lander like you without orders.” he too looked interested at her find. “Alright you sandrat, is this a root or is it lightning strike?” she handed the object over to Bakir, who turned it over in his hands. “I honestly don’t know woodland woman, they gave you no instructions on how to distinguish them?” he handed back.

In one fluid motion Krajani put the glass object away in her leather pouch, pulling herself to her feet, meeting with Bakir on eye level. “I faired pretty goid out there, for a lush, woodland woman.” she hissed, staring in his dark eyes.

Begrudgingly Bakir nodded, wanting to add another remark, but feeling his lips sealed with hers.