Unusual for the desert they visited, Whlana got awoken by birdsong, the sun had barely risen above the basins, but a look outside the window revealed a blue sky above, the storm had subsided during the second night it raged.

Far below her room the inhabitants of Babd-ael-Drakh worked on removing the sandscreens from the cave that provided them with water. Curiously she looked around to find the birds singing, but couldn’t find any, until a more familiar croak drew her attention. One if the desert wraith marched into the basin with a Phoenix on his arm, it was a local breed, the wraith and Phoenix had arranged themselves so that the Phoenix had an entire basin to themselves, in turn serving the desert dwellers on occasion. Majestically the ethereal bird spread its wings as it ascended into the treetops of the cave, returned back to the hooded man who had let it lose.

Later did Krajani learn that they had looked for the birds, if they were birds that endangered the wraiths food supply, the Phoenix would’ve hunted them on the spot.

“Excuse me.” Qualams voice came from beyond the door, Whlana asked him to enter. “We are going to send a Phoenix to find Bakir and your friend.” he didn’t stop to ask for her wellbeing, a time consuming platitude humans often bothered with when in truth they did not care for it. “Alright. I will be waiting at the entrance to the oasis.” Qualam bowed gently before leaving. Whlana shook her head, in her view she had spent too much time with Krajani, thinking ill of the human ways was not her usual way. Startled shrieks in the basin drew her attention back to the window. The phoenix had started shrieking and fluttering his wings, reluctant with insecurity about the odd behavior the hooded man let the phoenix fly off. Hastily it ascended and flew out into the desert. Clearly visible to Whlana it was joined by the one that was supposed to look for Bakir and Krajani. Quickly Whlana hasted to the entrance to the oasis, surely the odd behavior had a deeper meaning to it.

Qualam awaited her as he too had rushed after the incident, in the distance the two ethereal birds circled over a specific location, only slowly drawing nearer.

“If the two were dead they would have returned crowing wildly, before flying out again.” Qualam calmed both his own and Whlanas nerves.

After minutes that felt like hours to the waiting, the silhouettes of Bakir and Krajani started to appear on the dunes, accompanied by the circling and shrieking phoenix. From a far Whlana judged by the distance between the two that neither had changed mind or ways, by the way they exchanged glances she could tell however that something had happened neither anticipated to ever happen. She sighed, pinching her nose right between her eyes, ignoring Qualams surprised expression.