Strong hot wind blew the sand round Krajanis feet. It was by far not strong enough to stir the sand up like the storm, but the tracks she had left moments ago were already slightly covered.

Her pace was slow. Giving in to her weak knees she fell into the sand, she felt the small pebble Bakir had given her inside the leather pouch. she drew a circular symbol in the sand before her. “I seek the knowledge of time, what is it that lies ahead?” a gust of wind rushed around her from behind although before it had come from her side, disturbing the lines she had drawn, redrawing them.

Confused she stared at the lines.

“Is that why should stay away from foreigners?” startled Krajani jumped to her feet, Bakir had sneaked up behind her. As an explanation he held up the message she had left lying in the chamber. “Maybe.” she whispered, bowing down to the sand again. Although she wouldn’t even admit it to herself her heart was overwhelmed with joy to see Bakir again after more than a week in the desert. “I will never understand you lush landers.” he kneed down beside her. “Perhaps you could help me, and teach me your ways?” Krajani looked at him as if he proposed the two of them should defeat the Sphinxes alone. “If you teach me,” she paused, looking at the figure in the sand, “teach us understand your ways, sand rat.”