So this is the deal folks, there is this new social networking site.
I love it.
It is invite based (at the moment at least), here is my link for you guys to join:

But! Before you get your panties all brown and yellow over this entire “they pay you” deal, here’s the problem I’m having.
I do not get any revenue.
I post. I post a lot. Nothing.
I get views. I get replies and likes. Nothing.
Yes, I set up the Bank. Still, nothing.
And I am afraid I have found the difficulty in this site.

They do not pay you for your content. They pay for reposts.
All the folks there repost shit from their “timeline” and all these folks get some revenue. I hate reposting, thus don’t do it.
No revenue.

I’m still hapoy to be there, ain’t in it for some insignificant amounts of cash. But if this is devolving into a ‘repost for monetary rewards’ network, I’m leaving. I hate all this ‘shared’ nonsense on facebook, retweets and reposts. Absolutely detest it.
If tsū is just there for the reposts and no originality – screw it.

Hope you guys still give it a try, perhaps it is just a glitch, or they will pay for original content in the future.

Take care and hope to see you there.